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A Special Tribute to Tranny Music

Georgie Jessup, hardrocking transsexual musician and activist for Native American rights

Jessica Xavier, longtime leading transactivist and musician, on her trans music

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00:00 Introduction
12:20 Question of the Week
21:30 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
17:49 Transgender Rock 'n Roll (excerpt), Jayne County, from her CD "Deviation" (1995, Royalty Records #ROI-105)
33:52 Georgie Jessup, hardrocking transsexul musician from Maryland. We talk about some of her tranny-oriented music, and play one as-yet unreleased song. Georgie is also an activist for Native American rights, and her CD American Holocaust reminds us of the atrocities indigenous people suffered and continue to suffer. We talk with Georgie about her music, her life, and the difference between writing music about trannies and being a trannie musician.
Georgie's CD "American Holocaust" can be purchased for $18 from: Gallae Records, PO Box 65, Kensington, MD 20895
34:41 Post Op Freeway Georgie Jessup (unreleased)
48:58 Until I Dance Georgie Jessup from her CD "American Holocaust" (Winkte Music/ASCAP)
48:58 Good Day to Die (excerpt) Georgie Jessup, "American Holocaust"
64:00 Boston area (and some national) announcements
68:53 In Memory of Rita Nancy Nangeroni (unreleased)
72:47 My Sorority (excerpt) Jessica Xavier from her CD "Changeling" (Gallae Records #GR-34687-2)
73:49 Jessica Xavier, long time transgender activist, an original founder of Transgender Nation, former executive director of It's Time America, writer and musician. We talk with Jessica about her songs, her inspirations and intentions, and what she sees as the role of music in social movements, as well as her new band and musical direction.
80:31 The Same New Me Jessica Xavier, "Changeling"
88:53 Wig In A Box (excerpt) from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (Atlantic 83160-2)
90:26 End
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