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Patricia Kelley, medical geneticist who specializes in cancer risk, on your true risk of breast cancer

Jane Caputi, leading radical feminist, professor and author, talks with us about gender, terrorism, and recent events

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00:00 Introduction
08:13 Viviane Namaste, author of "Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People" (and a guest on GenderTalk next week) tells us about an upcoming event in the Amherst area.
11:40 Question of the week:
Question: " I am a married, mid-op (orchiectomy) TS who is considering changing all of her legal documentation. I am afraid of the state trying to take away my marriage. In particular, I worry about how DOMA could affect this. What are your thoughts? Thanks, I love the show! " (from: Danielle Cox, Boca Raton, Florida)
20:10 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
35:35 Patricia Kelly, a medical geneticist who specializes in cancer risk, and author of "Assess Your True Risk of Breast Cancer", talks about the true risk of breast cancer that each of us faces.
Dr. Kelly is also the author of "Understanding Your Risk of Breast Cancer" which was published in 1991. She has offered cancer risk assessment programs and consultations to physicians, nurses and other health professionals, and operates a private cancer risk aassessment and counseling practice in the San Francsico Bay area.
  • You can learn more about Patricia's work and books by visiting her website at
56:36 Special Message
57:54 Boston area (and national) announcements
61:25 Jane Caputi, leading radical feminist, author and professor of women's studies and communication at Florida Atlantic University, talks with us about gender, terrorism, and recent events. Jane is the author of "Gossips, Gorgons & Crones : The Fates of the Earth" and "The Age of Sex Crime," and collaborated with renowned feminist Mary Daly on "Websters' First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language."
87:44 End
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