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Larissa Sneider, with another side of the Wal-Mart Story

Jaclyn Friedman, program director for the Center for New Words, on the upcoming Women, Action and the Media conference

Alisiha Oulette, transsexual woman firefighter, on her experience after having transitioned on the job two years ago

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00:00 Introduction
  • Movie: TransAmerica
  • Binding, packing, stuffing and tucking
  • Larry King interview of Felicity Huffman, trans folk
11:58 Raving Raven
...on animal shooting for sport
18:03 Gender News
  • Memphis: 21-year-old trans woman murdered
  • MO: Court overturns prohibition against gay & lesbian adoptions
  • MA: "Catholic Charities" to deny adoption to gay & lesbian parents
  • GA: State House approves parental notification for student club participation
  • MA: Biotechology board member resigns over support for ban on same-sex marriage
  • Barney Frank scapegoating trans inclusion on hate crimes
  • NYC: Domestic partnership benefits law struck down (
  • Guatemalean police accused in trans murders (story)
  • Iowa governor supports gay civil unions (story)
  • Emergency physician policy adds gender identity (policy)
  • Frist schedules anti-same-sex constitutional amendment vote (story)
  • Hawaii to change policies for incarcerated gay youth (story)
30:25 Question of the Week

"I need credible information on the use of these compounds for male feminization, specifically, Black Cohosh and Blessed Thistle. The only thing I can find is that these compounds would have to be consumed in almost toxic amounts to have an effect. The reason I am asking is because I suspect that my ex-fiance, who has a history of heart problems may be using them. He is 45 years old and has had two heart attacks, 6 by-passes, still smokes, and has just recently started dealing with his being transsexual. This "supplement" also says it contains "raw mammary concentrate", which I haven�t a clue what that is. I have some very strong concerns for his health."
(From: Les)

37:27 Evelien's Diary, entry 33: "Choosing a Name"

Evelien's website:

42:04 One of our listeners took exception to the depictions on GenderTalk of Wal-Mart as an exploitive, uncaring employer, so we asked her to join us to tell our listeners why. Larissa Sneider, who has worked for many years as a manager at Wal-Mart, tells us of their unwavering support for her gender transition in the workplace.
68:48 Coming up in a few weeks in Cambridge, MA is a unique conference that brings women from across the country together to strategize, teach, learn and infiltrate the media. Jacyln Friedman, program director for the Center for New Words, talks about the conference, titled "Women, Action and the Media". This exciting conference will be held at MIT's new Stata center, whose radical architecture befits a visionary gathering of women activists.
89:15 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest (add your events here)
The truth is, of course, that some jobs pose greater challenges to gender transition than others. Fire fighting, a profession dominated by males, is one such. Alishia Oulette, member of the Danvers, Massachusetts Fire Department, talks with us about her much-publicized transition on the job there two years ago. She also helps us out with a few fire safety tips!
119:40 End
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