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Trans Radio Special:

In this program we introduce you a sampling of some of the many trans voices in radio today, including WBAI's Andrea Sears, KPFT's Sarah DePalma and Jenifer Rene, and online TransFM talk hosts Marti Abernathey, Katrina Rose, Susan Moses, Rebecca Nay, Becky Juro, and Mike Scott.

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00:00 Introduction
  • Free vs. open software
  • Passed away: Gianna Israel
  • New life at
  • Olympic sexism
12:23 Raving Raven
Good news: the bald eagles are returning
15:07 Gender News
  • Columbian bicycle courier gets 4 years for grabbing woman's bottom
  • NJ: Trans school teacher persecuted by parents
  • NOW president decries South Dakota's anti-abortion law
  • South Africa: Six young men arrested in murder of young woman
  • NYC: LGBT leader calls for end to GLBT support for Hilary Clinton
  • Federal Judge refuses motion for appeal by Matthew Shepard's murderer
  • NYC rally planned for arrested 70-year-old trans woman
26:47 Question of the Week

"In smaller communities, it seems like post-ops become automatic role models . According to Dr.Walter Bockting, there is no correct way to transition. I believe at least 3 leading TG rights advocates chose to be non-op including Phyllis Frye and Holly Boswell. How do you communicate that surgery is not always necessary for everyone?"
(From: Ricki)

34:52 Probably the most visible 'out' trans person in professional radio today, Andrea Sears is the broadcast news editor and anchor at WBAI/Pacifica Radio in New York City. She has been a broadcast journalist for over sixteen years, and won a golden reel award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters
  • WBAI Online
  • 44:45 One of the earliest 'out' trans-identified radio hosts, Sarah DePalma begain co-hosting "After Hours", a broadcast on KPFT, Houston, in early 1995. Sarah is the former national director of It's Time America, and was for 7 years the state director of It's Time, Texas.
    55:30 Co-hosting KPFT's other GLBT program, "Queer Voices", is Jenifer Rene, who joins us for this all-too-brief interview.
    62:45 Nancy briefly sketches GenderTalk's beginning, then Ethan St. Pierre tells us all about TransFM, the online network of all-trans programming.
    66:37 Marti Abernathey joins us to talk about the Radical Trannies, the program on TransFM that she co-hosts with Ethan
  • Email Marti at mzmartipants
  • Radical Trannies website
  • 75:17 The GenderTalk Calendar
      Upcoming events of special interest (add your events here)
    80:00 Katrina Rose, host of the online semiweekly "I'd Rather Be a Trans Flake Than a Trans Fake" program. Katrina is a licensed attorney in Texas and Minnesota who is currently not practicing while working toward a Ph.D. in history and teaching an undergraduate level course on transgender history.
  • Katrina's website
  • 88:16 Our youngest trans talk host on this program, Susan Moses is an out-of-the-closet 24 year old male-to-female transsexual living in Lake Tahoe Nevada. Her weekly radio show 'the Talking Tranny' talks about issues of specific interest to members of the transgender community.
  • Talking Tranny website
  • 96:17 Hosting the weekly trans comedy program "Tranny Wreck", Rebecca Nay hails in from Portland, Oregon with her weekly podcast. Says Rebecca, "Comedy is a VERY important part of my life." She also does "a lot of networking in the podcast community at large."
  • Tranny Wreck website
  • 105:19 Becky Juro is a freelance writer and activist living in New Jersey, from where she hosts the online weekly program, The Becky Juro Show.
  • Becky's Blog
  • Queer Music Online
  • Email Becky at beckygrrl @
  • 114:05 Engineering the Becky Juro show from Arizona is Mike Scott, who identifies as an out bi man. Mike also co-hosts with Becky
    120:00 End
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