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Krista Scott-Dixon, editor of a forthcoming anthology on trans feminism, on that and about female body builders and trans health issues

Georgie Jessup, singer songwriter whose music charts new territory with grace and conviction, with several of her soon-to-be-released tunes

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00:00 Introduction     click on photos for enlargements
  • Waves
  • New crew member: Mark Weaver
  • Presidential Inauguration
  • Martin Luther King day observance
09:00 Martin Luther King, Jr.
from his "I Have a Dream" speech, 1963
  • Gordene: Virginia Prince award goes to Nancy
14:05 Question of the Week

"In your experience in the trans community have you ever felt as though the trans community works against itself in ways such as it seems like there is a hierarchy in place. I belong to two support groups and some of my trans sisters that are a little more affluent seem to act as though transition is a competition like who is prettier, who has what surgery before who, and it seems like if you don't do as they do they really dont have the time of day for less fortunate sisters. I hope i don't sound like i am complaining because i am not, as i am not rich but i am not poor either. But how can the trans community advance itself and for that matter advance all glbt people if we cant even get along with each other? "
(From: Alexandra)

23:23 Current Events, with Ethan & Karen St. Pierre
  • Turkey discusses amending constitution to protect sexual orientation, gender identity
  • NYC pension fund targets businesses to bring greater GLBT fairness to workplace
  • Maryland declines to add gender identity and expression to hate crimes bill
  • Illinois now 5th state to include gender identity & expression in non-discrimination law
  • Kentucy seeks to withdraw GLBT protections
  • GLSEN executive director to introduce non-inclusive federal safe schools bill (see
  • MTV to delay gay-oriented cable channel
34:24 Evelien's Diary:, entry 5: "Sex Change"

Evelien's website:

37:28 Among the many arenas in which traditional gender roles are being challenged is women's body building. Krista Scott-Dixon, a well-known writer and bodybuilder, is also a co-creator of, an online magazine of health and fitness for transsexual and transgendered people. She is currently editing a forthcoming anthology on trans feminism, and joins us to talk about that and about female body builders and trans health issues.
59:20 Special Message
60:27 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest
63:04 That's Not Love
by Georgie Jessup
67:22 It takes a rare combination of talent, personality and message to create memorable music, and Georgie Jessup has it all. A singer songwriter whose music charts new territory with grace and conviction, Georgie shares some behind-the-scenes stories about her music, and listens with us to a few of her new tunes from her 'unmixed' seven-song preview CD.
74:28 The Road to Trinidad
by Georgie Jessup
80:34 More conversation with Georgie Jessup
88:23 Woman in a Man's Suit
by Georgie Jessup
94:52 End
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