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Dr. Olive Skene Johnson, Vancouver mother of two gay sons who is also a retired neuro-psychologist, and author of the book The Sexual Spectrum: Exploring Human Diversity

Gwendolyn Smith, founder of the Remembering Our Dead website and the Transgender Day of Remembrance, on the recent outcome of the Gwen Araujo murder trial

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00:00 Introduction
  • Ethan's dog Chandler
  • Raving Raven: GenderTalk web photos & animal stories
12:46 Gender News
  • Austin, TX: Catholic diocese investigates needle-happy priest
  • Montana: Blue Cross drops gay families
  • Atlanta cops who harassed gay men fired
  • US House passes trans-inclusive Hate Crimes measure
  • Massachusetts squelches anti-same-sex-marriage constitutional amendment 157-39
  • Shaquille O'Neal intercedes in gay-bashing
  • Federal judge strikes down Michigan law banning abortion procedures
  • Schwartzenegger says he'll veto same-sex marriage bill, but will meet with gay activists
29:06 Question of the Week

"I'm a UK transgirl and have been living full time for 4 years now, since I was 16. As with most transpeople, I'm concerned with passing very strongly. One Issue I particularly have is 'that bulge' that is ever-present. I have heard of a technique several times called 'tucking'- which from what I've heard involves pushing the testicles into an abdominal cavity. Personally I have had no success with this technique as of yet, and have only been met with pain. Does this technique really exist? Or is it simply a malicious rumor spread by bigots in order to get transwomen to injure themselves? (haha). If it truly does exist, is it accessible by all transwomen or just some? Many thanks!"
(From: Maxiie-Louise)

40:46 Evelien's Diary, entry 22: "Melancholy"

Evelien's website:

45:19 The biological science of diversity is a fertile ground for debate, and we find ourselves locking horns with our first guest this week. Dr. Olive Skene Johnson, a retired neuro-psychologist in Vancouver, talks about her recently published book, The Sexual Spectrum: Exploring Human Diversity. She discusses having two gay sons, gay marriage in general, differences in diversity acceptance in different nations, and more, but it is on the subject of biology that she finds herself at odds with the GenderTalk crew.
  • Read a review of The Sexual Spectrum here.
  • Visit the publisher's page for The Sexual Spectrum here
  • Buy a copy of The Sexual Spectrum at (supports GenderTalk)
83:26 The GenderTalk Calendar
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90:36 The second trial of three young men for the murder of Gwen Araujo, after a mistrial the first time, recently concluded in California, with two convictions and one deadlock. Gwendolyn Smith, transgender columnist, activist and creator of the Remembering Our Dead project and the TG Day of Remembrance, reports on the results. She attended the retrial as well as the previous trial, and has been following events closely since the murder story first broke.
121:30 End
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