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Steven Seidman, professor of sociology, about leaving the closet behind on a community scale, and the resulting life transformation

Alejandro Marcel, trans healthcare consultant (and transman), on trans healthcare and where it's headed in the US

" We need to begin to develop a standards of practice [for transgender care] "
- Alejandro Marcel

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Gender in the race for Governor in Massachusetts
• Closets
• Gender in the movies "Frida" and "Spiderman"
13:11 Question of the Week
" For the longest time now my lingerie, and street clothes have been disappearing, and reappearing. However when they return, they are not in the same condition. They have an extreme amount of makeup on them, mostly around the neckline. They are stretched, and or sometimes even torn. There is a perfume also that is not mine. I never wear them again, I throw them as soon as I come across them. My husband's clothes work, or other wise I have noticed have makeup, and perfume also. I confronted him about having an affair. He denies it. When I tell him something is going on he will reply, it's not what you think, or so what it's not hurting anyone. Yet he denies knowing anything about my clothing. I have come close to leavening over this. He tries to make me believe that I have misplaced my thing's, or have forgotten where I put them. I am starting to think that his affair is not with another woman, but with a man. What woman would wear another woman's underwear. It has gotten worst over this past year. I don't know what to do. Can you tell me if this is common of a transsexual. If so, why would he take my thing's, instead of going out, and buying his own. Is there anyway to tell if he is a transsexual. Also what is a transsexual. Will he ever tell me the truth. What should I look for to confirm it. "
(from: Kayla)
23:45 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
36:56 Most people agree, gays and lesbians have come out of the closet. But how has this changed their lives? Our guest, Steven Seidman, professor of sociology at the state University of NY at Albany, has written a book that attempts to answer this question.

Seidman is the author of 14 books including "Difference Troubles," "The New Sociology of Sexuality" (forthcoming) and "Beyond the Closet: the Transformation of Gay and Lesbian Life"

For more information:
• Learn more about "Beyond the Closet"
65:07 Special Message
65:36 Boston area (and national) announcements
69:36 There has been some real progress in awareness of Transgender health care issues recently. Our guest, Alejandro Marcel, a national transgender health care consultant working on federal and state trans health policies, fills us in on some key areas.

Alejandro has been consulting with state and federal health agencies on trans health issues for the last 10 years. He was the founding director of Transhealth and Education Network in 1996. He is currently consulting with the surgeon general's office on HIV/AIDS policy.

For more information:
• Visit
89:51 End
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