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Laura Flanders, a leading voice in challenging the current administration's policies with respect to women, on her new book, "The W Effect: Bush's War on Women"

Lauren Scott, transwoman, on her own search into the study of chemically-induced endocrine disruption and its potential effect on the gender identity of individuals

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00:00 Introduction
  • Movie: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"
  • Unemployment statistics
  • Wal-Mart lawsuit
  • Cambridge to demolish 300 riverside trees
14:35 Question of the Week

"I am a married 27 year old pre op M2F from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My question is, after I have SRS will the law still consider me married?"
(From: Sydnee Renee)

18:48 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • French bill outlawing homophobic speech passes cabinet
  • California votes against anti-same-sex-marriage amendment
  • Mistrial declared in Araujo murder trial
  • EU takes steps towards GLBT recognition
  • Indonesian election officials to registers transvestites according to dress
  • Catholic church employess may face firing for same-sex marriages
  • World's oldest chicken
  • Houston vending machine explodes, emits poison gas
31:32 As the administration that promised to "unite, not divide" continues to spur the increasing polarization of our country, a rising tide of anti-Bush sentiment challenges his re-election campaign. Laura Flanders, a leading voice in challenging the current administration's policies with respect to women, talks about her book, "The W Effect: Bush's War on Women".

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53:18 Boston area (and national) announcements compiled by Ethan St. Pierre
56:03 There has been significant scientific evidence on the link between certain kinds of pollution and the sexual development of animal life. Lauren Scott, a transwoman who is doing her best to make sense of her place in the world, talks about her own search for answers and the possibilities of chemical-induced transgenderism.

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77:10 End

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