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Gayle MacKenzie, Director of the Kipling Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center, on caring for pets and the role of human-animal relationships in our daily lives

Bill Logan, President of AquaSierra Inc., on business-positive conservationism, and making the most out of our precious time here on this planet

Mara Keisling, director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the Human Rights Campaign's decision to exclusively support trans-inclusive employment non-discrimination legislation

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00:00 Introduction
  • HRC changes its stance on trans-inclusion in ENDA
  • Video: "Outfoxed" exposes the Fox News "Fair and Balanced" lie
09:22 Question of the Week

"I have a cousin who is about four or five years old. He constantly wears his sister's clothes and plays with her dolls, and in general he is rather feminine. The parents are more or less letting him do as he wants at home, but they make him wear boys' clothes to kindergarden. Howevver, other people around him (relatives, kindergarden teachers) are concerned, and try at every opportunity to "teach him how to act appropriately". I am also concerned, but my concern is that their actions aren't the best for him. However, bringing up transgenderism to them would undoubtedly make them increase their efforts to make him "normal". What can I do to make his situation as good as possible?"
(From: Pete or Sandra or whatever)

16:05 News
Accused trans-murderer released on bail
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19:25 Most of us are raised to think of ourselves and other humans as more intelligent and, therefore, important than other animal life. However, more and more people today are re-evaluating their valuing of non-human life. Gayle MacKenzie, president of Dr. Cat, Inc, and owner of the Kipling Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center, talks with us about relating to our animal friends.
Environmental conservation need not be costly to business. In fact, policies that make environmental sense most often make the most business sense as well. Bill Logan, fisheries scientist and president of AquaSierra, an International fisheries and water quality consulting firm, talks about making conservation an integral part of successful business strategy. He also encourages us all to turn our dreams into reality.

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48:45 For most of the last decade, transgender activists have been lobbying the Human Rights Campaign to include protections for gender diversity in ENDA, the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act. This past weekend, the HRC board of directors voted to support ONLY trans-inclusive ENDA legislation. Mara Keisling, director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, talks about this momentous decision and what it means to persons of non-conforming gender.

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66:50 End

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