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Barbara & Susan Curry, on how Barbara's transgender nature has affected their marriage over the course of their 27 years together

Donna Lindenberg, coordinator of a Canadian project which has released a comprehensive set of publications on transgender health issues

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00:00 Introduction
  • Play: Christine Jorgenson Reveals
  • Movie: Capote
11:58 Raving Raven
  • Crow behaviors, characteristics
  • Hal reads from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
  • Backyard Mallards
  • 17:17 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
    • Prison Warden censors "Brokeback Mountain"
    • Playboy to test-market gay content in UK
    • Canadian man punches males prostitute for insufficient size
    • Librarians protest shushing doll
    • English villager hire armed guards to protect gardens from "monster rabbit"
    • NY dog fashion show hits new heights
    • New jeans line caters to Muslim prayer practice
    • Study claims those deemed unattractive as teenagers commit more crime later
    36:29 Gender News
    • Madrid: same-sex marriage support remains strong
    • Same-sex marriage in Massachusetts faces strong challenge
    • Kate Bornstein talk cancelled over sexual web site content
    • Washington: Proposal would allow schools to ignore non-disctimination law
    • Cincinatti: Anti-discrimination ordinance implementation blocked, goes to popular vote
    • Bloomington, IN adds Gender Identity as protected class
    • Nigeria: proposed legislation would criminalize GLBT advocacy
    • Iraq: Gay and Lesbian folks worse off
    • Pentagon, Justice to comply with FOI request over spying on "suspicious" groups
    51:11 Question of the Week

    "It is against the law to go in public dressed as a woman isn't it?"
    (From: Anon)

    57:04 How does a wife deal with a husband who spends nearly half his time as a woman? How does a marriage survive the challenges posed by the need to keep his crossdressing out of sight of certain friends and associates? Barbara & Susan Curry talk with us about these and other relationship issues that arise when the male-born partner of a hetero couple is transgender.
    94:50 The GenderTalk Calendar
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    99:30 Recently, a collaborative project between two Canadian organizations resulted in the production of a small slew of publications aimed at trans folks and their health service providers. Donna Lindenberg, Trans Care Project administrative coordinator and co-founder of project co-sponsor Transgender Support and Education Society in Victoria, Canada, talks with us about this rich new resource for trans persons.
    118:44 End
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