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Diane Wood, director of the Center for a New American Dream, on ways we can all help move us towards a more ideal future

Mike Mancilla, author of a new book called "Love in the Time of HIV", about the changing rules of gay dating.

" More fun, less stuff! "

- Diane Wood

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Red Sox
06:38 Question of the Week
" Do you have any information about what the risks would be (for a man to have sex change to a woman) upon returning to his/her place of business. Is this covered under Title VII? "
(from: Anonymous)
12:56 Special Report: Ann Belser of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the case of a trans woman whose surgery went bad when the "doctor" she found on the internet turned out to be a fraud.

For More Information:
• Read Ann’s story at

24:06 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
36:40 What do the words "American Dream" mean to you? If your answer includes disappointment, disillusionment, cynicism and hopelessness, you’re not alone. One organizations is tackling this problem head-on. It’s called the Center for a New American Dream and it’s going after consumer and environmental issues. The Center’s executive director Diane Wood joins us to tell us about this organization’s mission and strategies towards recreating an American Dream that truly reflects our personal hopes, dreams and values.

For More Information:
• Visit the Center for a New American Dream website at
• Visit the Center’s Conscious Consumer project
• Visit the Take Back Your Time Day website at

65:14 Special Message
66:30 Boston area (and national) announcements
69:00 HIV poses great physical challenges to many of our brothers and sisters, but it also poses social challenges. Mike Mancilla, therapist and author of "Love in the Time of HIV", joins us to talk about some of the ways that people are coping with being HIV positive, with some recommendations for ways of staying healthy.

For More Information:
• Visit the webpage for Love in the Time of HIV
• Email Michael at

86:35 End
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