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Jamison Green, female to male transsexual, on how his life of activism culminated in true love and an activist partnership, and his book, "Becoming The Visible Man"

Rosalyn Forrester, co-founder of Canadian Transexuals Fight For Rights, on her activism and the Transsexual Day of Pride

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00:00 Introduction
  • David Reimer's death
11:37 Question of the Week

"You say come out, which is fine. But to say come out, you have to tell us how to come out, considering the following: Many will lose jobs, how do we make a living? Many will lose family; you say companionship is important, so how will we battle the loneliness? We will lose all public respect. How does someone, especially in a high profile position handle this constant ridicule? We are targets for violence, just last month a TG in Georgia was brutally killed. In a perfect world, we could all come out, but Nancy, surely you have considered these issues before you say, 'come out' to anyone. If I was emotionally strong enough, sure I'd come out all over the place, but my life would be over as I know it if I came out."
(From: Macie)

21:27 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • South Dakota lawmaker to transition gender and sex
  • Fred Phelps to deomnstrate
  • Gay man denied asylum for insufficient effeminacy
  • "The Matrix" producer to change sex
  • Basketball coach to be disciplined for calling player a "crybaby"
  • Dove soap claims 90% of US women satisfied with looks
  • Lycra diapers for pet birds
32:55 Meet Jamison Green, long time trans activist and charismatic author. He is the former president of FTM International, current chairman of Gender Education & Advocacy, board member of the Transgender Law & Policy Institute, and board member of the Harry Benjamin International GenderDysphoria Association. He writes a monthly column on and is the author of a new book, "Becoming a Visible Man."

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64:30 Please Donate Now to Gender Education & Media so that we can continue and expand on this work.
65:40 James Nadeau, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts GLBT Film Festival cooerdinater, gives away tickets for their festival

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68:22 Boston area (and national) announcements compiled by Ethan St. Pierre
71:42 Trans activism is alive and well in Ontarion, Canada, and Rosalyn Forrestor, co-foounder of "Canadian Transexuals Fight For Rights" and one of the organizers of the "Transexual Pride" event, joins us to talk about the work she's doing to promote transsexual welfare.

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88:13 End

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