Nancy R. Nangeroni
June 1994, Boston Pride

Thank you, my friends everywhere, for inviting me to this party.

Without you, I would still be cowering in shame.

Someone once asked me, “Are you really queer?”

And I said, “Honey, I’m a transsexual. If that isn’t queer, I don’t know what is.”

And they asked me,

“Are you REALLY proud to be Transgendered?”

And I said, “Am I proud?

You mean, am I proud to be uncovering the truth about gender?

Am I proud to be exposing beliefs that are not true?

Am I proud to have made peace with myself, and to be sharing it with others?

Am I proud to be pursuing a life that keeps me growing?

Am I proud to have found the courage to show my true nature?

And am I proud to be associated with others like myself?

You’re damned right I’m proud.”

So to all those who still hide their true beauty,

To those who care about where our society is heading,

And especially those who fear for the welfare of their families,

Hear us today and take heart.

Whatever your color, size, ability, beliefs, origin, language, income,

gender, sexual orientation, or your special interest, join with us in

cultivating pride and freedom of expression for everyone.

Nancy R. Nangeroni