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Raven Kaldera, trans & intersex activist, author of "Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook" and co-organizer of the annual trans spirituality gathering called "The Crucible"

Jane Margolis, social scientist and co-author of "Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing," on the role of women in the world of computer technology.

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00:00 Introduction
07:28 Question of the week
" I am in the middle of transition, male to female and am growing awfully anxious to have my surgery as soon as possible so that my business will not suffer. Why? Because I travel all over the world in my profession and I worry that having a passport with a female photo and name and the dirty little 'M' for sex may cause considerable problems for me with customs/immigration authorities, no less U.S. Immigration. September 11th has certainly changed the travel world. Is there any other way for dealing with this issue and still travel female? "
(from: Lisa, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
" Since our society tries to define everyone and everything, what defines a person as being transgendered? I have heard TSs say they are and CDs are not, and vice versa. I know I am just me and I know I am a non-op TS, at the moment, but am I transgendered? "
(from: Joney, Raleigh, NC)
17:36 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
31:00 If you're thinking transgenderism is a modern invention, think again. Our guest, Raven Kaldera, tells of the many transgender-behaving godesses and gods in mythology, and ties them to our own spiritual ideas of who and what we are today.
Raven is a transgendered intersexual FTM, shaman, farmer, and activist. He joins us to talk about his new book, "Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook". This book combines myths, interviews, and questions for the reader in a fascinatingly fresh approach to the issue of transgender spirituality. Raven describes the book, recounts one of the myths, and reads a key passage for us.
Raven also talks some about CRUCIBLE III: the 3rd annual transgender spirituality campout, a September weekend camp gathering in central Massachusetts for exploring the concept and practice of transgender as a spiritual path.
For more information:
Email Raven at
Read a copy of the online press release about The Crucible
62:57 Special Message
64:00 Boston area (and national) announcements
67:53 Everyone knows guys are into computers, but what about girls? While the information technology revolution transforms much of society, girls and women are largely out of the loop. Join us for a fascinating conversation with Jane Margolis, co-author of a new book that takes a serious look at what it's like to be a woman in the field of computing.

Jane Margolis is a researcher at the Graduate School of Education and Information Systems at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is co-author, with Allan Fisher, of "Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing," in which they investigate the familial, educational, and institutional origins of the computing gender gap. The book is based on interviews with over 100 computer science students of both sexes from Carnegie Mellon University over four years, as well as classroom observations and conversations with hundreds of college and high school faculty.
Jane describes educational reforms that have made a dramatic difference at Carnegie Mellon--where the percentage of women entering the School of Computer Science rose from 7% in 1995 to 42% in 2000--and at high schools around the country.

For more information about the book:
The author's website
The MIT Press website
88:55 End
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