1997 Programs

Program Length: ~60 minutes

  • GenderTalk 134: (12/31/97) A TG in Texas, Jean Marie Stine, and Jacob Hale from Cal State Northridge. [90 minutes]
  • GenderTalk 133: (12/24/97) Penni Ashe, founder of It’s Time, Massachusetts and Chris Sterling & Taylor of QueerRevolt.
  • GenderTalk 132: (12/17/97) Toni Amato and Doug, two authors of erotica.
  • GenderTalk 131: (12/10/97) Stacey Montgomery & LouAnn Pope of Boston’s Lesbian Avengers and Kim Airs, operator of a Boston area sex toy store.
  • GenderTalk 130: (12/3/97) Dr. Sheila Kirk discusses transgender medicine.
  • GenderTalk 129: “Menopause”, a popular radio show with a TS character, and Shannon Minter on his work for the National Center for Lesbian Rights.
  • GenderTalk 128:Baron Jessie Brown-Atkins on the Imperial Court system and Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.
  • GenderTalk 127: A transsexual with a discrimination complaint and Jessie Daniels on White Supremacy.
  • GenderTalk 126: Veronica Vera, operator of the Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls.
  • GenderTalk 125: (10/29/97) Roz Blumenstein with the NYC-based Gender Identity Project and Diane DiMassa, creator of the Hothead Paisan comics.
  • GenderTalk 124: (10/22/97) Daphne Scholinski, author of “The Last Time I Wore a Dress”, and Lynn Kanter, author of a novel on breast cancer
  • GenderTalk 123: (10/15/97) Drugs, alcohol, and the transgender community, and a Canadian activist for TG sex workers.