A small sampling of the many kind communications we have received, and do our best to return in kind.

What Listeners Are Saying:

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I have listened to the last two podcast and love the information they provide. I find your style of talk refreshing and quite supportive. I have learned a lot and look forward to the next podcast. I also just visited your web site today. I find the reading of special interest. I am going to order a couple of the books! What a service to community. Keep up the good work. I am not much for writing but thanks again . – Bill, San Diego (Aug ’06)

I just want to thank you for your program. I’ve been listening online at my desk at work – it is absolutely wonderful. I can’t get enough. I’m M to F, six months out, in therapy, and struggling. Your program and it’s guests are helping me shape how I might fit in the community where I’ve always known I belong. What an effort and you make it sound easy. If everyone could give back just tiny percentage of what you do the world might change a lot quicker. – McKaela, Minnesota (Jun ’06)

“Thank you Nancy, Gordene, Ethan and Karen for producing a heartwarming and inspiring show. … I agree Gender talk is always appropriate and this line sums up the integrity and honesty of the material and talk. Once in a while one of you inevitably stubs a toe against gender and this makes you all believable. … I am profoundly moved by the many Gendertalk archives I have listened to. What you are doing is deeply appreciated and I can hardly thank the Gendertalk team enough for the raising and salvaging of areas of my self esteem which may have sunk a little low, despite my remarkable voyaging and the self confidence that brings. Now I can carry on in my voyage having developed strengths and abilities as a solo sailor, but with the added excitment of contact with a truly intelligent community in Gendertalk Radio. Thank you. “ – Clarissa, UK (Dec ’05)

“I love Gender Talk. I feel like every week I get to go to the coolest party. It is as if you were all right in my house inspiring me, expanding my mind, and helping me navigate out of the gender binary system. I feel very grateful I found your show. You guys do a great job keeping your show accessible and welcoming. I love the relaxed atmosphere, differing opinions and that you you can be simultaneously full of self-respect and not take yourselves too seriously. “ – Anna, Wilmington, NC (Aug ’05)

“I look forward to your programme each week, so all of you keep up your excellent work. I live in a rural part of Wales, and believe me it’s not always easy to be TS in this setting. Your broadcast keeps me informed of wider issues, and always makes me proud to be trans. (not always sure my wife would agree, but that’s another story!!) “ – Sally, Wales, UK (May ’05)

“I am currently involved with a wonderful woman (MTF) and the topics discussed on your program have only served to open my heart as well as my mind to all that the term ‘gender’ encompasses. Thank you for the work that you do (and are doing). You have greatly assisted our relationship. Keep up the good work and God bless you! “ – Donna, Los Angeles,CA (Feb ’05)

“I’m originally from Boston and have been listening to your show since the first year. In the past 5 years I’ve moved from Boston to San Francisco to Connecticut to Atlanta. All for work related reasons. Each time it was very comforting to be able to listen to the familiar voices on Gender Talk via the web. The constant relocation has meant that I’ve missed some shows. So I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for keeping up the archive and thank you for taking the time to convert the audio to MP3!” – Nina, various US locations (Jan ’05)

“I came across your GenderTalk website after discovering Lynn Conway’s website and then Andrea and Calpernia’s many sites. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work with GenderTalk – I have been downloading program MP3s all day long! It has been marvellous to hear all three women’s words in their own voices, and I am so looking forward to listening in on a regular basis from now on as well as catching up on all your past shows.

What all of you are doing has begun to help me really be me from now on, and has given me hope at last. Precious gifts beyond price.” – Karin, Western Australia (Jul ’04)

” I just wanted to thank you for having such a great program. I live in Alaska, in a town that has no TG community whatsoever, and so your program is proving to be a great resource for me. You have a lot of insight to offer, and your guests are quite interesting. It’s like finding an island in a sea of non-trans society. “ – Terrence (Mar ’04)

” Many thanks to you, Gordene and all of the good people at Gendertalk for your interview with Jim Marks of Lambda. I’m sure that there are many members of the trans community here in the UK who are well aware of the book and the issues, and are following developments with great interest. I will be writing to the LLF, very politely, naturally, and I very much look forward to checking out your site, shows and archives in the future. “ – Jessica, London UK (Feb ’04)

” I would like to thank you all for your wonderful radio show! I listen to your show on the Internet and I always find it interesting, informative, and entertaining. Being TG can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster sometimes, so it is great to hear you talk about TG issues (and other social issues) with such a level head. It is also good to hear a voice in the media that validates being TG, unlike virtually all of the rest of society, often including our loved ones. “ – Simone, Canberra, Australia (Jan ’04)

” Words cannot express how grateful I am that you have made GenderTalk available on the internet. “ – JG (May ’03)

” GenderTalk has given me a lot of places to look for even more information, as well as keeping me entertained and aware of new developments in legal and social activism. It really helps to have confirmation that there are other people who’ve been in my situation, and though it’s really sad to see that sometimes things don’t work out for others, I want to do what I can to change that for myself and those that I can help in the future.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you and your staff know that you’ve really helped me out this past 6 months, and I’ve started keeping an mp3-CD of shows to listen to at work. Being able to listen to the incredible interviews, questions of the week, and of course the Twisted Nasty News, is really wonderful while the long hours fly by. “ – Itlan (Sep ’02)

” I truly love your show. I love its’ perspective, its’ balance, its’ intelligence, the subjects and the compassion that shows everywhere. Anyway, good work by you, Gordene, Karen, and Hal and, I’m sure, others! “ – Maggie (Aug ’02)

” I live alone and I don’t have a TV or anything so I love to come home from electrolysis sessions and sit nursing an ice pack to my face and sipping a cup of herbal tea while I listen to your beautiful, impassioned, wise and witty words of reassurement, confirmation and inspiration.

As the great sacred rope of my womanhood is woven, strand by strand I find all manner of beautiful people coming into my life but in the midst of it all one still can feel, as a transgender person, very alone, very isolated, very much an outlaw. Your beautiful voices are like some of my dearest friends. You do such GOOD work. I hope one day that I may follow in your footsteps.

I send you my love and my heartfelt thanks. “ – Paula, Sydney, Australia (Aug ’02)

” Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed the interview you did with Carol Gilligan. It was wonderful! I studied with her at Harvard, she was my dissertation advisor and, like you, asked me thoughtful questions that made my work better. In the interview with you she was able to really discuss her thinking and that was because of the space you made. Thanks! Saludos, Victoria “ – Victoria I. Munoz, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Wells College (Jul ’02)

” I’ve been listening for a few months on my trip into Boston on Monday nights (I host a show on Allston-Brighton Free Radio) and really enjoy it…. you folks bring up some interesting issues and do so in an entertaining and informative manner. You all have a great sense of humor about things…. “ – Al, Peabody, MA (Mar ’02)

” I love your program and listen to it every week after downloading, it has been one of the few places where I have found voices of familiarity. Up here in Alaska there are not too many resources, but at least it’s freezing cold! 🙂 “ – Mai Nomura (Feb ’02)

” Thanks to you and all the staff at Gendertalk for your outstanding contribution to the human experience. “ – Chelle (Dec ’01)

” I am sitting here listening to your guest and I am in tears, because in just a few minutes your guest named me in broad strokes. I’ve hoped against hope that somehow it will all come together. Much love to everyone at gendertalk. “ – Bev (Jul ’99)

” I discovered your show about a year ago and I enjoy it very much. Although I am not transsexual and have never considered cross-dressing, I feel a connection to the type of oppression and distress discussed on your show. I am glad I found you and wanted you to know your appeal is broader than you may think. “ – energyzealot@hotmail.com (May ’00)

” …I also appreciated Hal’s insightful comments about race and gender. But I especially wanted to tell you that I appreciated your insights about sexism and homophobia, and how your relationship with Gordene means that you are now read as lesbian and what that has added to your understanding of sexism. It is so cool that you share these insights with listeners. “ – Gail, press agent, Boston (Aug ’99)

” I am a teacher in Cairo, Egypt, about to return to the U.K. I’ve been here seven years and GenderTalk has been a life-line for the last year. “ -Alex Baxter (May ’00)

” You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I stumbled onto your GenderTalk radio program while searching the net and I like it. Thanks for your courage and perseverance. It is nice to have something positive broadcast about people like us. “ – Alicia (Sep ’99)

” …your show, to me, is a like a lighthouse, throwing out a clear, guiding beacon, in a very dark and stormy world. The issues you discuss have helped not only me, but my wife (of 18 years) to deal with it. Please, for all our sakes, keep up the good work…we need you! “ – Charlene, Corpus Christi, Texas (Oct ’99)

” My reactions are: 1) It makes me feel more “normal” to hear a real radio show that addresses TG issues. 2) Your light-hearted approach reminds me to LIGHTEN-UP and remember to enjoy life. Keep up the GREAT WORK. “ – Deborah, San Francisco

” I’ve been listening to GenderTalk through the internet for ages, and really like and appreciate the work you are doing for Transgendered people. Keep up the great work Nancy, and thank you once again to replying to me when I initially asked if I could link to your site. “ – Nicole, Sydney Australia

” …thank you for making the announcement on your radio show about The Transgender Fund. We really appreciate your support. “ -Diane Dale, Chair, Transgender Fund

” I’d just like to thank you for taking the time to answer my question about starting hormones at an early age. I found your answer to be extremely helpful. “ – Emily

” Although I’m not transsexual (at least not at this point in my life!), I enjoy listening to all the different opinions presented on the show. I think it’s a great forum for discussion, and I think it’s important for people outside of the trans community to be in touch with the issues you deal with. And, in addition to being great role models for women and everyone else as well, you girls are hilarious! “ – Erin

” Thanks for the great show that you all put on, it really fills a void for me in regards to gender news and information as well as feeling a part of the trans community. I love the first part of the show the best, the interaction between everyone is a joy to listen to. “– Sheryl, Kodiak, Alaska

” I love listening to the archived programs. I think that all of you are doing wonderful work and I love listening in. Thanks very much for your up front discussion of transgender issues, and other strange and interesting topics, and thank you SO much for storing them on the web so that they can be accessed by more people. “ – Miriam

” How wonderful to feel as though I actually belonged somewhere where I could be myself. I owe it to you all at Gender Talk. You’ve motivated me into life! And I think I’m gonna like living (finally)! “ – Pamela, Massachusetts

What Guests Are Saying:

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” I just wanted to thank you for talking with me on your show. I’m sure it was obvious how interesting and engaging I found it — so good to talk with people who don’t just pop unrelated questions but actually weave a real conversation. Me, I’m an amateur at this, so I appreciate your skills as well as abilities and commitments all the more! I appreciated the person who welcomed me on the phone to begin with, and joined in our talk, too…” – Elizabeth Minnich, author of The Fox in the Henhouse (Oct ’05)


” Thank you again for inviting me on to your show. It really was a wonderful experience for me – I felt that we got a lot of stuff out there that needed to be said. I feel really privileged to have been able to give words of encouragement to trannies thru such an effective medium. It’s great that it’s possible for people all over the world to download the archives of the show and listen. I couldn’t have asked for a better platform. You made me feel really welcomed and encouraged to really speak my mind and I appreciate that. “ – Ray Rivas, ‘Woman Born Woman Born Male’ (Feb ’03)

” I just wanted to thank you and Nancy for a very gracious and supportive interview. And thank you also for absorbing the press release so thoroughly. You made it much easier for me to focus on stringing together articulate sentences by being so encouraging. Though I was happy to do the interview for both GenderTalk and New Words, I thank you for the fact that I actually enjoyed it. “ – Gilda Bruckman, co-founder of New Words women’s bookstore (Sep ’02)

” WOW, what a fun show THAT was. Really interesting, dynamic … went all over the place from dinosaurs to humans and how we treat each other. Those people are thoughtful and wonderful. Thanks for having me do that one!!! “ – Kristin Donnan, co-author of “Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of Sue the Dinosaur that changed Science, the Law, and my Life,” in a note to her press agent (Sep ’02)

” Nancy and Gordene were a pleasure. Both clearly very sharp, with good questions, and ideas of their own to contribute. I think this interview will come out very well on line and on air. “ – Ed Stein, author of “The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and Ethics of Sexual Orientation”

” We very much enjoyed your having us as your guests. You have a gentle way of interviewing, and you relate to people right where they are. “ – Jane Ellen & Mary Frances Fairfax, leaders of the largest national TG couples support organization

” I want to thank you both and your wonderful crew for having me on, and allowing me to present such important issues. As always, Gender Talk held to the high standards of quality we have all grown to expect over the years. Your function in this community is beyond value. Keep up the good work. “ – Monica Helms, transactivist