2005 Programs

Program Length:
#493-498: ~90 minutes, #499-514: ~60 minutes, #515+: ~120 minutes

  • December 24, 2005: (#542):
    Trans Music Special: On the night before Christmas, Nancy & Gordene chat with Nancy’s sister, Raven tells a story of hir native past, and we enjoy some of our favorite trans-produced and trans-themed music.
  • December 17, 2005: (#541):
    Amber Hollibaugh, senior strategist for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on the recent White House Conference on Aging’s exclusion of GLBT concerns
    Loree Cook-Daniels, founding executive director of the Transgender Aging Network (TAN) and the American Society of Adult Abuse Professionals and Survivors (ASAAPS)
  • December 10, 2005: (#540):
    Natalie Patrice Tucker, editor of an as-yet unpublished anthology on transgender partnerships
    Felice Yeskel, academic and activist, on the growing economic apartheid in America
  • December 3, 2005: (#539):
    Alex Rasmussen, 19-year-old transman, on being beaten up for the simple fact of being
    Susie, Tim, and their trans daughter Jackie, on their trip to Boston to obtain medical care for Jackie that they were refused in England
    Carl Sciortino, MA State Representative, on his commitment to passing trans-inclusive amendments to the state hate crimes and non-discrimination laws
  • November 26, 2005: (#538):
    Joelle Ruby Ryan, transgender activist, author and doctoral student, on transgender representations in the media: the good, the bad, and why
    Joseph Paralagreco, award winning cinematographer, and Reverend Malcom Himschoot, transman, talk about their inspiring new documentary titled “Call Me Malcom”
  • November 19, 2005: (#537):
    Elena Ortiz-Junes, Native American activist, writer, and vice chair of the Ortiz center, talks about Thanksgiving, Native Americans, problems with anthropologists, and much more
    Transgender Day of Remembrance: Nancy & Ethan discuss the origins of the observance and current day realities
  • November 12, 2005: (#536):
    Sunil Pant, director of the Blue Diamond Society, Nepal’s only organization advocating for the rights of sexual minorities in a country ruled by autocracy
    Nick Gorton, MD, co-author of an open-source online book, Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men
  • November 5, 2005: (#535):
    WMBR Fundraising
    Evan Hempel, public relations officer for the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, on the work that the MTPC has been doing and plans to do.
  • October 29, 2005: (#534):
    Dee Dee Chamblee, founder of a shelter for Trans and GLB persons in Atlanta
    Nell Bernstein, award-winning journalist, on the too-often thoughtless treatment of children of the incarcerated
  • October 22, 2005: (#533):
    Nancy, Gordene & Ethan chat with attendees at the longest running transgender event, including visits with Mara KeislingDallas DennyHolly BoswellMiqqi Gilbert, and many more. Ranging from politics of the day to the FFair and personal issues, featuring poetry readings and a very special musical performance of the “Transgender Blues”.
  • October 15, 2005: (#532):
    Jane Midgley, public policy analyst, legislative director and executive director of the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, on women and money from the very top down
    Lisa Mottet, trans legal eagle for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on the status of federal hate crime protections for transgenders, and state & local legislative gains in 2005
  • October 8, 2005: (#531):
    Elizabeth Minnich, feminist philosopher, professor, and co-author of the new book on how privatization threatens democracy, titled The Fox in the Henhouse
    Moonhawk River Stone, former board chair of the International Foundation for Gender Education and a psychotherapist specializing in LGBT concerns, on issues supporting the elimination of Gender Identity Disorder as a psychiatric diagnosis
  • October 1, 2005: (#530):
    Gunner Scott, outreach coordinator for The Network/La Red: Ending abuse in lesbian, bisexual women, and transgender communities, on his work to provide support for persons suffering from domestic violence
    Ariel Herrera, national field director and director of GLBT field organizing for Amnesty International, on the recent Amnesty report on police violence against the GLBT community
  • September 24, 2005: (#529):
    Jessica Xavier, transgender epidemiologist, on the medical difficulties faced by transgender persons, and the recent Amnesty Internation report about police mistreatment of GLBT persons
    Danny Kirchoff, manager of Equality California’s transgender equality project, on EQCA’s work towards same-sex marriage
    Vanessa Edwards Foster, chair of National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, on the wake of hurricane Rita and transgender persons in the gulf coast region
  • September 17, 2005: (#528):
    Dr. Olive Skene Johnson, Vancouver mother of two gay sons who is also a retired neuro-psychologist, and author of the book The Sexual Spectrum: Exploring Human Diversity
    Gwendolyn Smith, founder of the Remembering Our Dead website and the Transgender Day of Remembrance, on the recent outcome of the second Gwen Araujo murder trial
  • September 10, 2005: (#527):
    Janice Irvine, author of Disorders of Desire: Sexuality and Gender in Modern American Sexology, on problems with the practice of sexology
    Esther Morris Leidolf, intersex activist, educator and author, on some of the leading issues relating to intersexuality today
  • September 3, 2005: (#526):
    Deanne Matte, Canadian feminist activist, on the Women’s Global Charter for Humanity and the upcoming day of feminist solidarity
    Miqqi Gilbert, Canadian professor of philosophy and argumentation theory who has become a leading advocate for de-stigmatization of crossdressing, on awareness of women’s issues
  • August 27, 2005: (#525):
    Eoin Collins, Director of Policy Change for the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network in Ireland, on transsexual health care access issues and the Irish social climate
    Jana Drakka, Scottish gender queer priest who has been training in traditional Japanese monastic Buddhism for 12 years, on her approach to spirituality, and her work with the homeless
  • August 20, 2005: (#524):
    Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink: Women for Peace, on her antiwar work with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, TX, and her visits to, and assessment of the current situation in, Iraq
    Bill Munger, president of the newly-formed Teamsters GLBT Caucus, on the formation and role of this new group
  • August 13, 2005: (#523):
    Dallas Denny, Transgender Tapestry editor and longtime trans community commentator, on her upcoming run for office, Fantasia Fair, and more
    Robyn Ochs, Boston-area bi activist, on her co-edited anthology of international writings on bisexuality
  • August 6, 2005: (#522):
    Kim Stankovich, a trans woman in Spokane, Washington, who was jailed for failure to pay child support, talks about how her transsexuality was used against her, and support she received from other activists
    Chrissa, a friend of Kim, on the local Spokane scene and the unmet needs of young trans persons
    CC Saint Claire, an Australian English teacher by day, and by night, the writer of lesbian romance novels with a penchant for social justice, on her new novel about a female-to-male transsexual
  • July 30, 2005: (#521):
    Deeg Gold: Queer advocacy: What is really worth working for? Have we lost our way? A compelling critique of assimilationism
    Brett Genny Beemyn, coordinator of GLBT Student Services at Ohio State, on OSU’s support for trans students, and a new study on development of transgender identity
  • July 23, 2005: (#520):
    Karen Hudson, consultant for the GRACE Factory Farm Project and President of FARM, Families Against Rural Messes, on the evils of factory farming
    Matt Kailey, journalist, lecturer and author of Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience
  • July 16, 2005: (#519):
    Mariette Pathy Allen, photographer and author of The Gender Frontier, a photographic view of the transgender community that won the Lammy Award for best Transgender book for 2004
    Jennifer Baumgardner & Amy Richards, feminist activists and co-authors of Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism
  • July 9, 2005: (#518):
    Betsy Leondar-Wright, economic justice activist and author of Class Matters: Cross-Class Alliance Building for Middle Class Activists, on promoting class-sensitive collaborative activism
    Holly Ryan, trans activist, public services trainer and consultant, and Alejandro Marcel, minority health services director, on substance abuse in the trans community
  • July 2, 2005: (#517):
    Daniel Ward, a Navy veteran originally from Stockton, California, and a founding member of Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, on their street-theatre demonstrations and efforts to raise awareness of mideast injustices
    Pauline Park, co-founder and chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA), the first statewide transgender advocacy organization in New York, on trans activism efforts in NY
  • June 25, 2005: (#516):
    Julie Anne Peters, author of Luna, a National Book Award finalist Young Adult novel about an MTF transgender teen entering transition
    Mauro Cabral, Argentinian intersex transman activist, on his work for LGBT human rights in Latin America, including testimony for the United Nations
  • June 18, 2005: (#515):
    Rikke Mananzala, transgender queer Filipino American activist who works in New York City with both the Sylvia Rivera Law project and FIERCE, a community organizing project for Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Queer, and Questioning youth of color
    Bren Piranio, multi-talented trans-identified musician from Texas, introduces some of her self-produced music
  • June 11, 2005: (#514):
    Susan Stryker & Victor Silverman, historians and co-directors of a new documentary called “Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton Cafeteria”, that documents a rebellion by transpersons in San Francisco that took place years before Stonewall
  • June 4, 2005: (#513):
    Debra Kate, female-bodied female impersonator, talks about her queer drag identities and the course of her life that led her to her current performances
  • May 28, 2005: (#512):
    Barney Frank, US Congressman, on the newly-introduced federal Hate Crimes legislation that explicitly includes coverage for gender identity and expression
    Mara Keisling, Director of National Center for Transgender Equality, on the work by Frank and others to introduce the newly-inclusive Hate Crimes legislation
  • May 21, 2005: (#511):
    Denise Leclair, executive director of the International Foundation for Gender Education, on reforming textbooks, working for IFGE, and various trans-related issues
  • May 14, 2005: (#510):
    Betsy Driver, intersex axtivist and co-founder of the international peer support organization “Bodies like Ours”, on the sometimes uneasy relationship between intersexuality and transgenderism
  • May 7, 2005: (#509): (hosted by Ethan St. Pierre)
    Katrina Rose, transgender attorney, on the influence of same-sex marriage issues on transsexuals This week’s program hosted by Ethan & Karen St. Pierre
  • April 30, 2005: (#508):
    Monica Helms, transactivist, on the Transgender American Veteran’s Association: why they exist, what they hope to accomplish, and about their upcoming march in Washington, DC
  • April 23, 2005: (#507):
    Elizabeth Lindsey & Heather Stephenson, contributor to and editor of the 2005 edition of “Our Bodies Ourselves”, on the creation and content of this popular resource for women
  • April 16, 2005: (#506):
    Tami Starlight, Vancouver-based Canadian trans activist, on issues affecting trans persons “north of the border”
  • April 9, 2005: (#505):
    Richard Juang, co-chair of the advisory board for the National Center for Transgender Equality and co-editor of a forthcoming collection of essays on transgender civil rights issues, on trans identity and activism
  • April 2, 2005: (#504):
    Jane Caputi, author of “Goddesses and Monsters: Women, Myth, Power and Popular Culture”, on the ways in which our modern culture distorts our perspectives on female power
  • March 26, 2005: (#503):
    Mary Marcel, author of “Freud’s Traumatic Memory: Reclaiming Seduction Theory and Revisiting Oedipus”, on how the work of one of the most influential psychologists of all time was distorted by the trauma of his own life
  • March 19, 2005: (#502):
    Kelli Burkinshaw, New Mexican State field director for “Basic Rights New Mexico” (which defeated an effort to repeal GLBT protections), on the defeat of 2005 NM DOMA legislation
  • March 5, 2005: (#501):
    Jaclyn Friedman, program director for the Center for New Words, on women and the media: their influence, participation and strategies for increasing their contribution
  • February 26, 2005: (#500):
    Paisley Currah, executive director for the Center for Lesbian And Gay Studies at New York University, on some of the issues to be addressed at their upcoming conference on Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice
  • February 14, 2005: (#499):
    Holly Ryan, public services trainer and consultant on behalf of trans persons, on homelessness and related problems suffered by the transgender population
  • February 7, 2005: (#498):
    Ron Schlittler, interim director of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of LGBTs), on how PFLAG contributes to a supportive environment for LGBT folks on the local and national level
    Larry Frank, co-author of a new book on urban sprawl and public health, on how we can have healthier communities
  • January 31, 2005: (#497):
    Michelle DuMaresq, Canadian National downhill mountain biking champion, on becoming the first openly transgender person to represent her country in world championship competition
    Diana Wilson, independent filmmaker who produced and co-wrote “100% Woman”, a documentary about the challenges faced by Michelle
    Karen Duthie, director and co-writer of “100% Woman”, on following Michelle from her first day of competition through her participation in the world championship
  • January 24, 2005: (#496):
    Roz Manley, transgender activist, on her experience in attending, as a protester, the second presidential inauguraion of George W. Bush
    …plus more of the music of Georgie Jessup
  • January 17, 2005: (#495):
    Krista Scott-Dixon, editor of a forthcoming anthology on trans feminism, on that and about female body builders and trans health issues
    Georgie Jessup, singer songwriter whose music charts new territory with grace and conviction, with several of her soon-to-be-released tunes
  • January 10, 2005: (#494):
    [name removed by request] recounts her recent experience with having sex reassignment surgery in a Thailand clinic
    Gwendolyn Anne Smith talks about the founding of the Transgender Day of Remembrance and specific murders of transpersons
  • January 3, 2005: (#493):
    Alejandro Marcel, director of Minority Public Health Consultants, on the hijacking of Christianity by radical conservatives
    Ted Glick, author and activist, on vote fraud in the 2004 presidential election and efforts to do something about it