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Ron Schlittler, interim director of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of LGBTs), on how PFLAG contributes to a supportive environment for LGBT folks on the local and national level

Larry Frank, co-author of a new book on urban sprawl and public health, on how we can have healthier communities

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00:00 Introduction
  • GenderTalk's flu victims
  • Super Bowl, flamenco, and transition
  • Militaristic pregame and the President's club
  • Female football hockey players
10:11 Question of the Week

" As a PFLAG leader I want to continue to educate myself on LGBT issues and that brings me to my question. Regardless of the decisions to transition or not, is gender "Dysphoria" more commonly diagnosed in males than females and if so why? If there are more MTF persons, is that due to culture or biology? I have been led to believe from some sources that there are more MTF than FTM persons due to a fact of how gender is shaped by hormones during gestation in the womb. It is said that it is more difficult to make a male than a female, as female is the default gender before hormones shape one into male. Please educate me on this topic."
(From: Mike)

19:44 Current Events with Ethan and Karen St. Pierre
  • NY State Supreme Court rules that gay marriage must be allowed
  • Idaho gay marriage amendment fails
  • Congressional budget office finds $1 Billion savings thru gay marriage
  • DNC's GLBT caucus omits transgender community
30:03 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest
32:33 Ron Schlittler, interim Executive Director of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of LGBTs), talks about his organization and its mission. We talked with Ron about safe schools, anti-gay hostility, the PFLAG conference in Salt Lake City, as well as local, national, and federal Initiatives.
In addition to his work with PFLAG, Ron is a documentarian whose photo/text exhibit "Out and Elected in the USA" visually articulates the first 30 years of openly GLBT people elected to public office around the country.

PFLAG website:

61:10 Special Message
61:45 Road rage, overcrowding, pollution - the architecture of our communities exerts a powerful, but mostly overlooked, influence on our lifestyles. Larry Frank, chair of Sustainable Transportation Systems at the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia, talks about the evolution of urban sprawl, its effect on our health, water, air, traffic, mental health, and much more.

Larry is co-author (with Howard Frumkin and Richard Jackson) of the new book "Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning, and Building For healthy communities".

Visit the publisher's web page for "Urban Sprawl and Public Health"

88:34 End
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