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Natalie Patrice Tucker, editor of an as-yet unpublished anthology on transgender partnerships

Felice Yeskel, academic and activist, on the economic apartheid currently growing in America

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00:00 Introduction
  • HBO documentary: "Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She"
  • FTM dis-inclusion
15:22 Raving Raven
  • Letter from stray pet
  • Helpful site:
  • The message in Chickadee song
  • Christmas bird count
21:32 Gender News
  • Mitt Romney flip-flops
  • Deval Patrick calls for Romney's resignation
  • PA: Legislators seek to reign in recalcitrant pharmacists
  • British Columbia: trans woman loses appeal to be rape counselor
  • Ford pulls GLBT advertising
  • Best Buy charged with race and sex discrimination
  • Whistleblower exposes Mentor Corp. breast implant defects
  • Gay men tossed from cab for kiss
38:45 Question of the Week

"I identify as someone who had SID or Sexual Identity Disorder, I do not feel that I had GID or Gender Identity Disorder because I believe that Gender was my constant or rather the thing which I could not change whereas sex was what I could change.
I feel that there are a lot of people like me, people who need to change their sexual identity because of their gender identity which (will always remain the same). I believe that our gender identity is (who we are) and that in most cases our sex is what needs to be changed.
Changing our sexual identity is important to most of us as transsexual people and perhaps some need to change their physical sex which is how I identify, I needed to change my physical sex with hormones and surgery.
I don't pretend to speak for everyone but I am confused as to who and what is a transgender person because to me it would seem that changing one's gender would be like taking on a role in a movie."
(From: Sabrina)

50:36 Evelien's Diary, entry 28: "Poverty"

Evelien's website:

55:35 Once again we return to the subject of transgender partnerships. Our guest is Natalie Patrice Tucker, queer writer, organizer and web developer and editor of a not-yet-published anthology called "Desire in Transition: An Anthology By, For, and About Partners and Potential Partners of Trangendered/Transsexual, Intersexed, and Genderqueer Folks". She graces us with several readings.
86:18 The GenderTalk Calendar
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90:28 As the Bush administration continues to champion windfalls for the rich accompanied by belt-tightening for the poor, we cannot help but turn our attention evermore to issues of economic privilege. Felice Yeskel, co-director of Class Action, co-founder of United for a Fair Economy and Responsible Wealth, and a faculty member in the Social Justice Education Program at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), talks with us about her recently revised Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality and Insecurity
118:44 End
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