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Julie Anne Peters, author of Luna, a National Book Award finalist Young Adult novel about an MTF transgender teen entering transition

Mauro Cabral, Argentinian intersex transman activist, on his work for LGBT human rights in Latin America, including testimony for the United Nations

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00:00 Introduction
  • The as-yet unnamed Ravin'
  • On coming out as a youth, crossdressing and Playboy
  • to stream all trans shows that will
  • Pet drag names
13:43 Gender News
  • Illicit silicone puts 2 on life support (if you have info, call LA police at 619-531-2293)
  • Supreme Court rules homes can be seized for private development
  • Queens, NY: Cop transitions gender, earns applause
  • Bush appointee refuses to enforce employment anti-discrimination policy
  • New Brunswick strikes down heterosexist marriage measure
  • Teen blog sparks anti-gay reparatory investigation that reveals serious problems
  • China: Access to gay web site restored
  • Kuwait appoints first female minister
  • Saudi princess stands up for women's rights
  • Social security shares online data with DMV
  • Debate: sharing data good or bad?
39:19 Question of the Week

"I am a very poor ftm. I feel like I have been castrated because I don't have enough money for any surgeries and my insurance will not support it damn them but I was wondering how I could go about getting in touch with the TRANSMEN RESOURCE FUND I cannot seem to find them and I really don't feel comfortable being trapped in this disgusting female body I feel so ashamed that I wasn't born with the right parts I feel deformed help me find them please"
(From: Tie Wearing Butch)

44:42 Evelien's Diary:, entry 16: "Assimilation"

Evelien's website:

49:36 Selected as a National Book Award finalist this year was the Young Adult novel Luna, about a transgender teen who is beginning her transition from male to female. The author, Julie Anne Peters, has written twelve books for young adults and children. Her first young adult novel, Define "Normal", won three state reader awards, was named a Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association, as well as an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Keeping You a Secret, a YA lesbian love story, was named a Stonewall Honor Book.

Other books by Julie Anne Peters:

  • LUNA (National Book Award Finalist)
  • KEEPING YOU A SECRET (Stonewall Honor Book)
  • DEFINE "NORMAL" (ALA Best Book & CA Young Reader Medal)
  • Soon: FAR FROM XANADU (Little, Brown and Co.)
79:15 The GenderTalk Calendar
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83:20 Join us for a visit with Argentinian intersex transman and activist Mauro Cabral who works for the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, and who, over the last 10 years, has been involved with various activist and academic groups focused on sexual rights, including RedTrans Argentina and the Regional Working Group on Intersexuality. He also testified before the UN in 2004. Mauro is a consultant for trans and intersex issues, and teaches History at the National University of Cordoba.
120:00 End
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