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Alejandro Marcel, director of Minority Public Health Consultants, on the hijacking of Christianity by radical conservatives

Ted Glick, author and activist, on vote fraud in the 2004 presidential election and efforts to do something about it

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00:00 Introduction
  • Movie: "And the Band Played On"
  • Movie: "50 First Dates"
12:19 Question of the Week

"This past Halloween, at age 61, I dressed in drag for the first time. I had never even toyed with the idea before. I wore a mask and have killer legs so I appeared ageless. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the response. No one, except my wife, not even my best friends and close relatives, knew who I was beneath the mask. With some people I even passed as female. Something clicked that night. I feel like I am now obsessed and addicted to how incredibly sexy I felt that night. It was a true high. I also feel like I don't want to relinquish the ego gratification of people (male and female) coming on to me in a way that would never be possible as a mature male. The problem is that I live in a small community and cannot possibly risk discovery.
I am going to be at a convention in New Orleans at the time of Mardi Gras. I would like to go out one or two nights in drag but have absolutely no experience as a cross dresser or navigating in the gay community. Are there any books or magazines that you can recommend that would help to familiarize me with potential pitfalls so I can enjoy myself more. Would I have a valid concern over possible cross dress bashing? Are the police negatively focused towards cross dressers? Do you know of any clubs in New Orleans that would be cross dress friendly. Any other advice to a real neophyte? "
(From: Rolanda)

23:16 Current Events with Ethan & Karen St. Pierre
  • UK: Queen honors 2 transfolk, Stephen Whittle and Christine Burns
  • Little Rock, AR: Judge strikes down ban on gay foster parents
  • LA, CA: Media slights transsexual woman murdered by Marine
  • Most Massachusettts corporations will not give gay spouses retirement benefits
  • Argentine transwoman gains refugee status in US
  • Women's pay drops further
  • Quotes
34:24 Evelien's Diary:, entry 4: "Bus Stop"

Evelien's website:

38:30 Has Christianity been hijacked by a bunch of radical conservatives? Is there a place within Christianity for progressive thought? Alejandro Marcel, director of Minority Public Health Consultants and studied in religious history, thinks so, and shares with us his views on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the true nature of Chrisitianity, and what we need to do to restore its true meaning to its practice.
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66:46 The 2004 presidential election left in its wake countless tales of questionable - if not grossly illegal - practices in the polling and counting of votes. Despite widespread public outcry and testimony, elected officials and mainstream media seem nearly oblivious to the issue. Ted Glick, former coordinator of Independent Porgressive Politics Network, and author of the book "Future Hope: Winning Strategy for a Just Society" talks about election fraud in the United States and efforts to fight it.

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64:18 The Ballad of Inez
by Paul Iwancio
89:31 End

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