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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Emi Koyama Director of Intersex Initiative, on the emergence of a new term, "Disorder of Sex Differentiation (DSD)" (6/24/06)
Esther Morris Leidolf Intersex activist, educator and author, on some of the leading issues relating to intersexuality today (9/10/05)
Mauro Cabral Argentinian intersex transman activist, on his work for LGBT human rights in Latin America, including testimony for the United Nations (6/25/05)
Alice Dreger Medical historian and head of the Intersex Society of North America, talks about the state of intersexual activism today (9/27/04)
Betsy Driver Cofounder and director of a group called "Bodies Like Ours," on their mission of support and education (9/27/04)
Dr. Monica Casper New executive director of the Intersex Society of North America, on the connection between fetal surgery and intersexuality, gender and children's rights (2/17/03)
Thea Hillman Acclaimed poet and intersex activist, on her poetry, intersexuality, and activism (12/30/02)
Cheryl Chase Founder and director of the Intersex Society of North America, on intersex activism and policy, and her impending resignation as the organization's director (7/22/02)
Esther Morris The response to her "Missing Vagina Monologue" activism from Eve Ensler and the MRKH intersexual community (5/13/02)
Esther Morris Her experience with MRKH Syndrome, a not-so-rare physical condition that causes women to be born without vaginas (1/7/02)
Emi Koyama A new teaching kit from the Intersex Society of North America (6/25/01)
Cheryl Chase Advocating for intersexuals with the medical profession (1/29/01)
[name removed by request] Intersexuality & her mis-treatment at Johns Hopkins in the 70s (3/20/00)