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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Randy Conner Queer scholar and author of several books, on queer spirituality, gender, and his friendship with Gloria Anzaldua (7/8/06)
Jana Drakka Scottish gender queer priest who has been training in traditional Japanese monastic Buddhism for 12 years, on her approach to spirituality, and her work with the homeless (8/27/05)
Holly Boswell Transgender luminary and co-founder of the Kindred Spirits retreats, on her exploration of MTF living without female hormones, and spiritual goings-on in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina (7/12/04)
Leela Fernandes Professor of Political Science and Women's & Gender Studies, on the connection between spirituality, activism and feminism (5/31/04)
Rachel Pollack Prolific trans writer of award-winning science fiction, whose latest book is a trans detective novel, and whose interest in Tarot has led to her design of a new Tarot deck (3/15/04)
Holly Boswell Transgender activist, spiritualist & visionary catches us up on her personal journey, as well as upcoming kindred spirits events (1/5/04)
Philip Andrew Bernhardt-House Queer activist and spiritualist, on a gender perspective he calls 'Metagender' (1/5/04)
Caitriona Reed &
Michelle Benzamin
Social activists and buddhist teachers, on their practice of Buddhist mindfulness (8/25/03)
Allan Armstrong Producer of a CD called The Taroist on Tarot, divination, and the dimensions beyond male and female that touch the spirit in all of us (8/25/03)
Malka Drucker Author of "White Fire: A Portrait of Women Spiritual Leaders in America" on the roles of women in traditional and non-traditional religion (12/30/02)
Yvonne Cook-Riley A special extended conversation with longtime transactivist, spiritualist, visionary and founding Director of Operations of the International Foundation for Gender Education (8/12/02)
Raven Kaldera On "Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook" & the annual trans spirituality gathering called "The Crucible" (4/1/02)
Holly Boswell &
Zantui Rose
Trans spirituality and their spiritual retreat center, the BodhiTree House (2/11/02)
JB Bryan Poet, painter, small press publisher and Buddhist shares with us her experience of "zender" (7/30/01)
Kate Bornstein &
Barbara Carellas
East African gender and their new work-in-progress on relationships (3/12/01)
Zantui Rose Leading trans spiritual writer, therapist & lesbian feminist (2/12/01)
Eliyahou Farajaje' How race & gender affect our view of the erotic & sacred (9/18/00)
Marcia Deihl Bisexual activism and spirituality (5/15/00)
Christian de la Huerta Radio host, Qspirit founder, and author of "Coming out Spiritually" (3/13/00)

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