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  Transgender Resources (& much more)
A guide to some of the best gender- and activist-related resources
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Updated December, 2007

 Academic "...a place where people of all genders can discuss gender theory, the trans community and its various identities, both as a part of the academic world and day-to-day life. This is a trans-friendly space and is open to people of all gender identities."
Trans Feminism Home of the Transfeminist Anthology Project, intended also to facilitate communication between intersex and trans people who are feminists and their allies.
Transgender Asia Research Centre Bringing together psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, as well as medical and legal experts to better understand transgender phenomenon and circumstance in Asia. Aims to promote and disseminate research and understanding, and contribute towards effecting social change.
Trans-Academic Email List For all academics and researchers in transgender / transsexual studies
Anne Serene's Trans Reference Site Diverse and thought-provoking resources on transgender issues. "This site is a reference to transgender information that is mostly of a more academic nature. The information on this site is from a transgender perspective."