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  Transgender Resources (& much more)
A guide to some of the best gender- and activist-related resources
All listed sites have been reviewed by GenderTalk staff
Sorry, NO dating, sex play, or fantasy sites

Updated December, 2007

  Transgender News

Transgender Law News Breaking and recent transgender news with a focus on legal issues. Excellent news source, no chaff to wade through, just the most important news stories.
Transgender News Archive A busy Yahoo news email list, the most complete trans news feed available.
GenderCrash Transgender News A rich (if somewhat impenetrable) listing of current trans-related news items assembled by search engine.
IFGE's Trans Announcements IFGE's 'Notices' page, mostly conferences, calls for writing, events, 'subjects wanted', etc. Feb 1999 - Mar 2004.
GAIN 2002 News Archive A rich archive of trans issue news from April-September 2002
Advocate Transgender News A rich archive of Transgender news and related articles from, from January 2000 to October 2001.
NTAC News Archive An archive of trans news items March 2000 - December 2001
GenderTalk News Archive An archive of trans news items, December 1995-October 1997