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  Transgender Resources (& much more)
A guide to some of the best gender- and activist-related resources
All listed sites have been reviewed by GenderTalk staff
Sorry, NO dating, sex play, or fantasy sites

Updated December, 2007

  Trans Art & Artists

Gender Crash At the intersection of the queer, transgender and gender queer communities in Boston, a resource for folks around the world
Imani Henry Caribbean female-to-male Transsexual activist, writer and performer, Imani Henry blends piercing advocacy with finely honed artistic sensibility. His multi-media theatre piece, "B4T" (before testosterone), presents an inside view of the world experienced by people born female whose gender does not conform to the feminine standard.
Kate Bornstein Visionary performance artist and author of "Gender Outlaw", "My Gender Workbook" and "Nearly Roadkill", Kate has provided key inspiration for a generation of transpersons. Her searing honesty and penetrating analyses of gender desire and identity provide lasting insight and wisdom.
Georgie Jessup Much more than just a fine musician, Georgie "has traveled the country teaching how to fight the good fight and scaring those who take comfort in cookie cutter, political solutions. Her musical style has been characterized as cold soul, social-conscious funk, provocative, poignant, and radio-friendly. "
Namoli Brennet A fine, gender-variant, award-nominated musician whose haunting tunes linger in the mind long after the last echoes die, while her lyrics chip away the beauty myth of Western Culture.
Yellow Panther Productions This is the home site for the video and music of Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene MacKenzie. Here you can view the "In Memory of Rita" video and download the song in MP3.
Katastrophe "Katastrophe (AKA Rocco Kayiatos) is a hot-sh*t, somewhat reclusive, over analytical, FTM emo-hop MC who has rocked the mic, charmed the ladies and educated the masses across the USA."