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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Bren Piranio Multi-talented trans-identified musician from Texas, introduces some of her self-produced music (6/18/05)
Georgie Jessup Singer songwriter whose music charts new territory with grace and conviction, with several of her soon-to-be-released tunes (1/17/05)
Adrienne Torf Musician and composer, on her 19-year artistic collaboration with celebrated activist June Jordan, spanning civil rights, gender, queer, class, and political causes, with music from their CD "Collaboration" (9/20/04)
Namoli Brennet Gender variant singer/songwriter, whose work aims to challenge the binary gender system and the stereotypes that propagate it (9/22/03)
Brenna Paige Transgendered musician working to bring some fresh new trans music out of the hearts and closets of some talented musicians, with the goal of helping improve trans standing (8/4/03)
Ashley Moore Musician and director of "Transcendance," the world's first transgendered gospel choir (8/5/02)
Georgie Jessup Musician extraordinaire, on music, spirituality, two-spirit tradition and transgenderism (7/8/02)
Magdalen Hsu-Li Spiritualist and award-winning artist-turned-musician, on her music that aims to stretch the boundaries of our consciousness (6/3/02)
Christine Beatty TS writer, programmer & lead singer of rock 'n roll band Glamazon (6/11/01)
Chuck Garabedian Glam rock band "Temptress" (11/13/00)
Jessica Xavier Trans musician and activist on her music (5/08/00)
Georgie Jessup Trans musician on her music and Native American issues (5/08/00)