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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Cole Thaler Lambda Legal's national transgender rights attorney, on a pending lawsuit by two trans prisoners in Wisconsin to obtain appropriate medical care (4/29/06)
Dan Hunt Co-producer of a new documentary film "Cruel and Unusual" that reveals the merciless entrapment of transgender individuals at the intersection of our gender and penal systems (4/1/06)
Pauline Park Chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy, on the closing of a GLBT prison facility, and Hillary Clinton's queer politics (1/7/06)
Nell Bernstein Award-winning journalist, on the too-often thoughtless treatment of children of the incarcerated (10/29/05)
Alexandria Tucker Her nightmarish tale of being assaulted, then arrested and incarcerated for two years when falsely accused of perpetrating the assault (9/16/02)
Jessie Shafer Colorado Trans Activism & a journal for transgenders in prison. (2/26/01)
Fedelia Cross The injustice of Leonard Peltier's incarceration (10/9/00)
Lori Buckwalter Working with Portland, OR police on trans inmate guide (7/3/00)
Tonye Baretto-Neto Update on TS incarcerate Dee Farmer (3/27/00)
Tonye Barreto-Neto The story of unfairly incarcerated TS Dee Farmer (2/7/00)
Kate More UK transsexual activist and academic, on trans prisoner abuses, HIV, and gender theorists (7/19/99)
Daphne Scholinski Daphne Scholinski, author of "The Last Time I Wore A Dress" on her incarceration because of her gender (10/22/97)