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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Barbara & Susan Curry On how Barbara's transgender nature has affected their marriage over the course of their 27 years together (4/22/06)
Natalie Patrice Tucker Editor of an as-yet unpublished anthology on transgender partnerships (12/10/05)
Maureen Sullivan Author of "The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, Their Children, and the Undoing of Gender", on her study of more than 30 lesbian families and the role of gender in their lives (9/6/04)
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Lauren's transition and unusual work situation, and on their long-term relationship (5/24/04)
Gail & Betsy Leondar-Wright Social justice activists and devoted partners talk with us on the first day of legal "gender-blind" (AKA Same-Sex) marriage in Massachusetts about their upcoming wedding and the politics of gender-blind marriage. (5/17/04)
GenderTalk Forum Ethan, Hal, Gordene & Nancy join in an open discussion of their personal gender identity issues (4/19/04)
Julia Rubingh &
Evelien Snel
A married couple who split up as Evelien transitioned to living as a woman, then later reunited, discuss their evolving relationship (2/23/04)
Helen Boyd Author of a new book titled "My Husband Betty" shares her perspective on what it's like to be the wife of a crossdressing husband (2/16/04)
Ethan St. Pierre &
Karen Martin
Transgender activists, internet talk hosts and committed partners, on their relationship, which happens to be between two trans persons (1/12/04)
Renee Simousek Male to female transsexual, on how her relationship with her wife changed when Renee transitioned (12/8/03)
Charles Anders &
Annalee Newitz
"Lazy Crossdresser" author and columnist on gender bending, crossdressing, and their partnership [WMBR fundraising program] (11/25/02)
Renate Stendhal Psychological counselor, author, and former lesbian separatist, on the role of truth as an aphrodisiac in monogamous relationships (9/30/02)
Carol Gilligan World-renowned feminist academic and respected psychologist, on creating loving relationships (4/29/02)
Linda & Cynthia Phillips Issues MTF transpersons face - and create - in couples (10/1/01)
Kate Bornstein &
Barbara Carellas
East African gender and their new work-in-progress on relationships (3/12/01)
Ethan St. Pierre FTM transperson on his relatiohsip with MTF partner Karen Martin (2/12/00)
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Bigenderism in their relationship (12/4/00)

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