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Evelien's Diary
A bi-weekly feature exclusive to GenderTalk Radio
Follow the day to day ups and downs of a Dutch transsexual woman in her struggle with the world as it is.
Transition is the main issue in this diary, but this girl does have a life! Science, theatre, poetry and music will pop up now and then.

Shit happens, mainly at work and in politics. So naturally it is in the diary as well...

1: Introduction
In which Evelien tells us how these columns came about and gives a short example.
2: Bearded Beauties
In which Evelien discusses a meeting for transvestites and transsexuals.
3: Fool's Overture
I which Evelien gives a transsexual's view on Supertramp's song Fool's Overture
4: Bus Stop
I which Evelien explains everything in just a few words.
5: Sex Change
In which Evelien has an operation and a sex change in hospital.
6: Missed a Party
In which Evelien finds out what it is like to be discriminated.
7: Early Coming Out
In which Evelien lives a triple life and receives a precious gift.
8: Move to Massachusetts
In which Evelien thinks about moving to Boston, but bails out.
9: Up Town GIrl
In which Evelien realizes she is a very lucky girl and feels ashamed of her luxury position.
10: Going Full-Time
In which Evelien finds out that going full-time is a tedious process in many steps.
11: Coming Out at Work
In which Evelien does almost everything wrong and discovers an unpleasant pattern.
12: All in the Family
In which Evelien meets a Dutch Archie Bunker.
13: Pro Choice
In which Evelien breaks a lance for Dutch medical doctors.
14: The Ugly Duckling
In which Evelien discovers consolance in a fairy tale decades too late.
15: Breaking the Law
In which Evelien discusses encounters with the law.
16: Assimilation
In which Evelien meets a guy in a dress.
17: Out of Work
In which Evelien finds out that a Code of Conduct can be just a paper tiger.
18: Skinny Dipping
In which Evelien takes off her clothes to find body acceptance.
19: How will I know?
In which Evelien searches the Internet for information, only to find it in her own heart.
20: Gay-Pride
In which Evelien visits the annual Gay parade in Amsterdam.
21: Clothes do make the man
In which Evelien works on her presentation and gains a lot of confidence.
22: Melancholy
In which Evelien discusses the emotional pain involved in transitioning.
23: Job Interview
In which Evelien demonstrates her new-found confidence by applying for a new job.
24: Splitting Up
In which Evelien has to admit that even her marriage cannot withstand the changes in her life in spite of what was said in Gendertalk #449.
25 : Making or Breaking
In which Evelien is in doubt about the wisdom of her own decisions.
26 : Should I Tell?
In which Evelien is trying to find a guideline for when to 'tell' and when to remain silent.
27 : Steering Wheel
In which Evelien sees the advantages of taking control of her own life
28 : Poverty
In which Evelien meets an old friend and hears a surprising story
29 : Blue Christmas
In which Evelien is facing a lonely Christmas, but fidns a way to enjoy herself
30 : Publicity
In which Evelien discussed the pros and cons of publicity about transsexuals
31 : Reactions
In which Evelien finds out exactily what was wrong with her interview
32 : Trapped
In which Evelien complains about the long time she has to wait for her operation
33 : Choosing a name
In which Evelien gives some advice on picking a name and tells how she discovered her own name
34 : Fantasy
In which Evelien meets a young transvestite and warns for the dangers of a too sexy appearance
35 : Enjoy
In which Evelien discusses the positive side of being a trans-person
36 : True Love
In which Evelien is re-united with her spouse
37 : Mirror
In which Evelien discusses a way to use a mirror to look at your inside rather than the outside
38 : Smoking
In which three doctors advise Evelien to stop smoking on one day
39 : Life Inbetween
In which Evelien discusses a book written by a transsexual woman and compares the situation in Texas to that in the Netherlands
40 : First time out
In which Evelien meets the lady who invited her to go a dressed as a woman for the very first time
41 : Progress
In which Evelien celebrates the completion of her real-life-test and tells about the youth of an intersexal friend
42 : Let's talk about Sex
In which Evelien discusses a subject most people usually avoid
43 : 4th of July
In which Evelien reads a declaration of gender independence
44 : ¿Que Pasa?
In which Evelien learns how it feels to allow her partner the freedom she promised
45 : Homophobia
In which Evelien discusses the outrageous reactions of people in Letvia to gay pride
46 : Security
In which Evelien is very worried about going through airport security with the wrong sex in your passport and wonders whether all these security measures are truly necessary
47 : Prague
In which Evelien tells about the Kafkaesque experience with airport security and finds out Prague is a safe place for transgender people
48 : Hair
In which Evelien finds out there is yet another hurdle to take before her SRS
49 : Goodbye
In which Evelien says goodbye to her fans and thanks Nancy and Gordene for their wonderful work