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GenderTalk Radio Programs, 1998
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  1998 Program List
Program Length: ~90 minutes except #173-194, ~60 minutes
  • GenderTalk 186: (12/30/98)
    Best of GenderTalk:
    (#54, 6/19/96) Greg McGreer, Karen Brash McGreer on sexual health and impotence; Betty Klauber of Planned Parenthood on the sexuality of children.
  • GenderTalk 185: (12/23/98, 90 min) Sara Gogol on women's pro basketball; David Rostcheck & Tina Blanco, of Boston's Bisexual Resource Center, on the bisexual response to "ex-gay" ads.
  • GenderTalk 184: (12/16/98) Barb Cischky on GLBT families in Boston; Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller, founders of the Alternatives to Marriage Project, a networking effort to provide support for partnering without marriage.
  • GenderTalk 183: (12/9/98) Community and media response to the Rita Hester murder; It's Time Massachusetts founder Penni Ashe on a new local anti-harassment initiative; Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Norman Spack on the treatment of intersexed children and dealing with their parents.
  • GenderTalk 182: (12/2/98) Kathleen, Diana and Darryl Hester, family of murdered transwoman Rita Hester, on the loss of their loved one, and Anne Ogborn on the Sampark Project and the hijras, transgender people of India.
  • GenderTalk 181: (11/25/98) Dana Priesing on the court proceedings in the Tyra Hunter wrongful death suit, and Elena Ortiz and Delvin Junes on the Native American experience in the southwest.
  • GenderTalk 180: (11/18/98) Rachel Newstead on the unique problems faced by disabled transpersons, and Alejandro Daviko Marcel, Boston area transactivist, on health services for transgender folks.
  • GenderTalk 179: (11/11/98) Arizona transsexual Monica Helms on coming out, and Dawn Atkins, author of "Looking Queer," on body image and identity in GLBT communities.
  • GenderTalk 178: (11/4/98) Tennessee activist Marisa Richmond on transgender activism from a Nashville perspective, and Deb Levine, author of "The Joy of Cybersex" on how the internet can enhance your real world love life.
  • GenderTalk 177: (10/28/98) Professor of Women's studies Marjorie Resnick on women's studies at MIT, and independent documentary videographers Jane C. Wagner and Tina Difeliciantonio on transgenderism in film.
  • GenderTalk 176: (10/7/98) sorry, not available
  • GenderTalk 175: (10/14/98) FTM lawyer and author Spencer Bergstedt on legal issues for transgenders, and Professor of English Linda Kauffman on art and body modification.
  • GenderTalk 174: (10/7/98) Human Rights campaign field organizer Tony Esoldo on how transgenders can help make HRC more inclusive, and popular murder mystery writer (and lesbian) Abigail Padgett.
  • GenderTalk 173: (9/30/98) Boston area grassroots activist Felicia Fields, and candidate for state representative Jarret Barrios on GLBTs in politics.
  • GenderTalk 172: (9/23/98) British drag troupe Bloolips, FTM performance artist David Harrison, and scholar Joan jacobs Brumberg on American girls' relationship with their bodies.
  • GenderTalk 171: (9/16/98) Lesbian Erotica, the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression, Gwen Smith on TransBay, GenderTalk crew personal stories.
  • GenderTalk 170: (9/9/98) Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Deborah Blum on biology and gender, and director Abe Rybeck on queer theatre.
  • GenderTalk 169: (9/2/98) Longtime feminist activist Rebecca Shipman on pornography, and best-selling author Dr. William Pollack on raising boys.
  • GenderTalk 168: (8/26/98) Organizer Ingrid Rivera-Dessuit and an issue of the Utne Reader devoted to gender issues.
  • GenderTalk 167: (8/19/98) Midwives, Marsha Botzer from Seattle, and Gail Dines, who is opposed to pornography.
  • GenderTalk 166: (8/12/98) The Brandon Teena Event at Harvard, the Albuquerque scene, and the Boston Alliance for Gay & Lesbian Youth.
  • GenderTalk 165: (8/5/98) A transgender fired in Cambridge, upcoming elections, and Holly Boswell.
  • GenderTalk 164: (7/29/98) Gender Politics: TS Menace founder Riki Anne Wilchins, gender in the workplace, and Dallas Denny
  • GenderTalk 163: (7/22/98) Artist Shu Lea Cheang on Brandon Teana, A TG Film by a TG, and a custody battle in Florida.
  • GenderTalk 162: (7/15/98) Writer Terence McKenna on hallucinogenic drugs, Native American protests of Thanksgiving, and comedienne Kandi Kane.
  • GenderTalk 161: (7/8/98) A TG in trouble in Idaho, a legal challenger to insurance exclusions, and the case for legalizing marijuana.
  • GenderTalk 160: (7/1/98) Gordene MacKenzie, Author Carol Guess, & Rea Carey from NYAC.
  • GenderTalk 159: (6/24/98) A. J. Dirks hosts a show featuring three notable FTMs.
  • GenderTalk 158: (6/17/98) An effort to save a local gay bar, Boston Pride Week, children, and David Steinberg on sexuality.
  • GenderTalk 157: (6/10/98) Pride Week, the legal situation in the UK, and TS sex workers.
  • GenderTalk 156: (6/3/98) Epilight Hair Removal and two views of Brandon Teena.
  • GenderTalk 155: (5/27/98) Transactivists from Boston, Atlanta, and San Francisco.
  • GenderTalk 154: (5/20/98) Two cross-dressers in Wyoming talk about family issues.
  • GenderTalk 153: (5/13/98) A book about a young dyke, "Just Evelyn" tells a parent's perspective of a TS childs journey, and Debbie Davis, a TS working in a High School in Minneapolis.
  • GenderTalk 152: (5/6/98) The Lammy book awards, Mothering Against the Odds, and mother loss.
  • GenderTalk 151: (4/29/98) Riki Anne Wilchins, an organization opposed to circumcision, and transactivists from the Bluegrass State.
  • GenderTalk 150: (4/22/98) Body Piercing, the Transgender Community Forum on AOL, and a campus TG awareness week.
  • GenderTalk 149: (4/15/98) Activist Penni Ashe, the upcoming Femme Conference in San Francisco, and PFLAG.
  • GenderTalk 148: (4/8/98) The Bisexuality Conference and Betty Klauber from Planned Parenthood.
  • GenderTalk 147: (4/1/98) The Project 10 East youth group, Whores and Other Feminists, and Its Time America.
  • GenderTalk 146: (3/25/98) A Canadian TS Prisoner, Same-sex harassment, and a TS teacher forced to retire.
  • GenderTalk 145: (3/18/98) A struggle in the Bahamas, author Neil Miller, and the 5th Annual Bixsexuality Conference.
  • GenderTalk 144: (3/11/98) Anal sex for women, the Radical Faeries, and transgender activist Gordene MacKenzie.
  • GenderTalk 143: (3/4/98) A British TS, trans cop Tonye Baretto-Neto, and a book about a female Messiah.
  • GenderTalk 142: (2/25/98) A local entertainer, the spirituality of nature, and a TG philosophy professor.
  • GenderTalk 141: (2/18/98) Kate Bornstein, sex advice, music, and more!
  • GenderTalk 140: (2/11/98) An upcoming FTM conference, FTM erotica, and a medical misadventure.
  • GenderTalk 139: (2/4/98) Glandular estrogens and The Texas T Party.
  • GenderTalk 138: (1/28/98) The Human Rights Campaign and Dr. Peggy Rudd.
  • GenderTalk 137: (1/21/98) Lucent Technology's new anti-discrimination policy and Riki Anne Wilchins.
  • GenderTalk 136: (1/14/98) Lesbians in the Girl Scouts and a TS arrested for solicitation over the Internet.
  • GenderTalk 135: (1/7/98) A drag-queen documentary and a support group for TG youth.

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