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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Andrea Smith Author of "Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide", on violence against Native Americans and activism that addresses the true source of such problems (8/12/06)
Penny Coleman Author of "Flashback: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide and the Lessons of War", on the post-traumatic stress that all too often leaves our soldiers with lasting mental injury (8/12/06)
Dr. Dana Beyer Openly trans candidate for Maryland state legislature (7/29/06)
Steve Rendell Senior analyst from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, on flaws in today's corporate news reporting, and what can be done about it (7/22/06)
Mary-Wynne Ashford A leader in the international peace and disarmament movement for over 20 years, on real solutions to violence, terror and war (7/15/06)
Georgina Beyer 3rd-term New Zealand MP, native-born Mauri and the first known transgender person ever elected to national office, on her life story and key legislative initiatives (5/20/06)
Mary Todd Activist, on depleted uranium, toxic waste that's being showered on Iraq and our own soldiers - by the United States (5/13/06)
Medea Benjamin Co-founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange, on women's role in the antiwar movement (2/4/06)
Olga Vives Action Vice President of the National Organization for Women, on the threats to individual rights posed by the Alito Supreme Court nomination (1/14/06)
Carl Sciortino Massachusetts State Representative, on his commitment to passing trans-inclusive amendments to the state hate crimes and non-discrimination laws (12/3/05)
Nell Bernstein Award-winning journalist, on the too-often thoughtless treatment of children of the incarcerated (10/29/05)
Elizabeth Minnich Feminist philosopher, professor, and co-author of the new book on how privatization threatens democracy, titled The Fox in the Henhouse (10/8/05)
Kelli Burkinshaw New Mexican State field director for "Basic Rights New Mexico" (which defeated an effort to repeal GLBT protections), on the defeat of 2005 NM DOMA legislation (3/19/05)
Roz Manley Transgender activist, on her experience in attending, as a protester, the second presidential inauguration of George W. Bush (1/24/05)
Ted Glick Author and activist, on vote fraud in the 2004 presidential election and efforts to do something about it (1/3/05)
Carisa Cunningham Director of public affairs at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & defenders, about their organization, their recent victories and defeats, gay marriage, and what lies ahead (11/15/04)
John Lewis On behalf of Equality California and Marriage Equality California, on recent election results in the Golden State (11/8/04)
Amanda Simpson Democratic nominee for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives who also happens to be openly transgendered (10/18/04)
Michelle Bruce The first transgender councilwoman in the State of Georgia, on what it is like being transgender in the Bible Belt and how she is fighting discrimination, personally and publicly (9/6/04)
William Rivers Pitt Lead writer for truthout.org and author of two bestselling books, talks candidly with us about truthout.org's mission, the Bush administration, the right-wing agenda, and the current presidential race (8/9/04)
Mara Keisling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the Human Rights Campaign's decision to exclusively support trans-inclusive employment non-discrimination legislation (8/9/04)
Vanessa Edwards Foster Transgender-identified delegate to the Democratic National Convention, shares her DNC observations (8/2/04)
Vanessa Edwards Foster, Monica Helms, Roberta, Christine Ocasio, Melissa Sklars, & Barbra Casbar Members of the first-ever 'out' transgender contingent to a national presidential convention, on their path to the DNC and their take on both the trans and presidential politics of the day (7/26/04)
Mara Kiesling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality and member of John Kerry's LGBT steering committee, on trans-inclusion in anti-harassment legislation, and the democratic party platform (7/12/04)
Laura Flanders A leading voice in challenging the current administration's policies with respect to women, on her new book, "The W Effect: Bush's War on Women" (6/28/04)
Matthew Foreman Executive Director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on Ronald Reagan's legacy with respect to GLBT Americans (6/7/04)
Jerimarie Leisgang Founder of the Connecticut's first transgender political advocacy organization, on their new legislation adding gender diversity protections to their hate crimes statutes, and what's next (5/31/04)
Christopher Labonte The Human Rights Campaign's deputy Director for Legislation, on transgender inclusion in future federal empoyment non-discrimination legilsation (5/24/04)
Ethan St. Pierre &
Karen Martin
On the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition's lobbying effort and a TS Menace demonstration against the Human Rights Campaign (5/3/04)
Michael Cole Human Rights Campaign Communications Coordinator, on their work against federal anti-same-sex marriage initiatives and on behalf of transgender protections (4/19/04)
Laura Flanders On her new book about the women out front and behind the republican power scenes, entitled "BushWomen: Tales of a Cynical Species" (3/15/04)
Sue O'Connell Co-publisher of the GLBT newspaper "Bay Windows", on the gay marriage issue and local media coverage of the state constitutional debate (2/16/04)
Jonathan Leavitt Director of the Massachusetts Anti-Corporate Clearinghouse, on their organization and purpose (12/22/03)
Victoria Collier Activist and writer for Votescam.com, on the integrity of our balloting process. According to a growing concensus, our electoral process suffers from a glaring fatal flaw in which big media is complicit and which threatens the future of democracy. (11/10/03)
Geoffrey Kors Executive director of Equality California, on recent legislation protecting the rights and fair treatment of GLBT citizens (9/22/03)
Seth Kilbourne National Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign, on their national strategy for trans inclusion (8/11/03)
Josh Silver Managing director of Free Press, on consequences of the upcoming FCC decision on the proposed relaxation of media ownership rules (5/19/03)
Inja Coates Co-founder and director of Media Tank, on efforts to fight the impending changes to the rules of media ownership (5/19/03)
Virginia Stephenson Transgender activist, on New Mexico's recent adoption of broad statewide protections for gender diversity (3/31/03)
Tom Jackson Producer of "Greetings from Missile Street," a video documentary witnessing the effect of sanctions on civilian life in Iraq (2/10/03)
Dorian Solot &
Marshall Miller
Founders of the Alternatives to Marriage project, on difficulties faced by couples who elect to not get married (1/13/03)
Clare McNab Trans activist with the group Press For Change, on forthcoming legislation in England that will change the way transsexuals are regarded in that country (12/16/02)
Arline Isaacson Co-chair of the Massachusetts Lesbian & Gay Political Caucus, on their legislative agenda for 2003, and recent gay marriage news (12/9/02)
Cole Thaler Trans activist and lawyer, on Boston's new anti-discrimination ordinance that protects freedom of gender identity and expression (10/28/02)
Arline Isaacson Lead lobbyist on the recent defeat of the Massachusetts anti-gay marriage initiative petition, on gay and lesbian marriage in Massachusetts (7/22/02)
Mike Prokosch &
Eunice Cho
Global Activism: Local Ways to Change the World. (6/17/02)
Karen Dolan Head of the Progressive Challenge project at the Institute for Policy Studies, on the public backlash against privatization of government services (11/12/01)
Bruce Ellison On wartime suppression of dissent and how proposed laws threaten our democracy (10/1/01)
Chris Hartman Research director of "United for a Fair Economy" on what's wrong with the Bush tax cuts (9/17/01)
Jeremy Brecher Activist, author and video producer on global labor and GLBT issues (8/10/01)
Howard Zinn Memorial Day, war and the history we're taught (5/28/01)
Mike Prokosch, Joan Ecklein, Catherine Benedict, Matt Borus How "Free Trade" & the FTAA threatens democracy (4/23/01)
Brian Becker Why and how to protest at the Bush inauguration (1/8/01)
Imani Henry Rainbow participation in inauguration protest (1/8/01)
Noam Chomsky The Rule of force in World Affairs (10/30/00)
Imani Henry Rainbow activism (10/2/00)
David Barsamian Respected progressive talk host, "Alternative Radio" (9/11/00)
Jane Fee First openly trans delegate to Democratic Nat'l Convention (8/21/00)
Kylar Broadus FTM Stonewall Democrat on Gore, democrats and GLBTs (8/21/00)
Karen Kerin TS woman running run for seat in US House from Vermont (7/24/00)
Michael Morrill The upcoming protest at the RNC in Philadelphia (7/10/00)