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Democratic National Convention Special:

Vanessa Edwards Foster, Monica Helms, Barbra Casbar, Melissa Sklars, & Christina Ocasio, members of the first-ever 'out' transgender contingent to a national presidential convention, on their path to the DNC and their take on both the trans and presidential politics of the day

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00:00 Introduction
  • DNC peripheral effects
  • Introducing the trans delegates
09:17 Question of the Week

"I am a bisexual woman trying to get to know a few transmen. This is going to sound stereotypical, but they are much more interested hanging out with each other than with other people This is unfortunate because I feel like I have a lot to offer in a friendship. I've been in situations at bars where I've tried to strike up conversations, only to have people look at me like I obviously don't belong there. Despite talk about being open-minded and all-inviting, I don't think the trans community is as open about accepting everyone as they claim. I feel like if I were to start taking T, I would be accepted. But I shouldn't have to take T to be accepted, just as someone taking T should not cause them not to be accepted. So, my question is, why is the trans community sometimes so exclusive when they like to pretend they are not?"
(From: Lyla)

19:39 Music break: "I Feel Pretty"
21:00 Melissa Sklars, transgender delegate, introduces herself and talks about inclusivity, diversity, and the Latino/a caucus.
23:39 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Florida Appeals court rules against sec change
  • Golfer born hermaphrodite banned from women's tournament
  • US Army provides free breast enlargements
  • Italian town bans goldfish bowls
28:42 Transgender delegate Christina Ocasio reports live from the convention
28:42 The 2004 Democratic National Convention was the first ever attended by more than one solitary openly transgender delegate. Trans delegates Monica Helms, Barbara Casbar and Vanessa Edwards Foster talk about how they got to be delegates, their trans advocacy within the democratic party, and their perspective on the current presidential race.

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85:25 End

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