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Julie Underwood, National School Boards Association general counsel, on their publication titled "Dealing with Legal Matters Surrounding Students Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity"

Amanda Simpson, democratic nominee for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives who also happens to be openly transgendered

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00:00 Introduction
  • Happy Birthday to Gordene!
  • Fall things
  • Driving discoveries
10:38 Questions of the Week

"You mentioned that you wanted all trans people should be very active in our community. But I was wondering if you had any suggestions? Unfortunately in this area, it's more important if your gay in activism rather than any other type."
(From: Daniel)

22:05 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Schoolteacher not prosecuted for carrying bookmark
  • Congresswoman Musgrave fights "radical homosexual agenda"
  • Padua scientists say moms pass gay traits
  • Log Cabins sue Rumsfeld for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  • Psychologists promote ex-gay film
  • Godzilla memorabilia
  • Verb-less novel
  • Computer-linked sexual stimulation
35:00 Are you wondering about the limits of gender rights for high-school students? Wonder no longer. The National School Boards Association - the US primary and secondary school 'establishment' - has issued a thorough set of guidelines for how to handle legal issues that arise around GLBT student issues. Julie Underwood, general cousel for the NSBA and a lead proponent of this groundbreaking and well-written guide, explains its intended purpose, authority, and limitations, as well as some specific content around gender issues.

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64:27 Special Message
65:27 Announcements: Boston area & National events
69:50 Recently, a candidate for office in the state of Texas was defeated in the primaries after being 'outed' as a crossdresser. In Arizona, house candidate Amanda Simpson employed a different, and smarter, strategy. Thanks to her forthright approach, she is now in hot competition - with widespread support - for her state seat. A veteran of GLBT activism, Amanda reveals her (so far) winning strategy that has made her, in the eyes of many of her constituents, the leading candidate for the job she seeks.

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89:39 End

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