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William Rivers Pitt, lead writer for the online journal and author of two bestselling books, talks candidly with us about's mission, the Bush administration, the right-wing agenda, and the current presidential race.

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00:00 Introduction
  • Peter & Shirley Oiler update
  • Gender legislation surpassing sexual orientation legislation?
18:57 Question of the Week

"Have you explored fat as a gender issue? In a culture where body diversity is secular sin, fatness is the biggest transgression. Fatpanic is not only a subset of transphobia, but is, unfortunately, epidemic in much of queer culture. Even as scientific evidence piles up that fatness itself is simply not a health problem and that the "cure" we have been offered for a century is a bogus and dangerous failure, the hysteria of the "war on fat" increases. Fatphobia is getting more of a boost than ever now, with "obesity" now classified as a disease. Just like other queer folks through history, fat people are still being targeted with dangerous treatments "for their own good". Sound familiar? Fat is definitely a gender issue."
(From: JeanneE ["pronounced Jee-nee"])

27:38 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Bear indulges in Ranier beer
  • Population slowdown in industrialized nations
  • Gays flock to Massachusetts
  • Limo demo derby
  • AFCME union complains about quick fix
  • British scientist predicts tidal wave for US Northeast
  • Vigil to be held for murdered TG woman in SF
  • "Whack Osama" paintball arcade thrives
  • Cat returns home after 18 years
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38:50 Announcements: Boston area & National events
42:45 Some are claiming the this November's presidential election will be the most important of our lifetimes. But how do we make an informed decision, when the mainstream media has become a narrow propaganda channel for those in power? People seeking the truth are looking elsewhere for reporting that includes a serious critique of the powerful, reporting of the kind that is vital to the strength of a democratic society. William Rivers Pitt, lead writer for, one of the leading alternative online news sources, shares his perspective on the role of his organization and the politics of the day.

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90:00 End

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