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Dr. Sam Winter, director of the Transgender Asia Research Center

Harry Brod, men’s studies pioneer and professor, whose new book tells the personal stories of white men who are challenging racism.

[attempts to change legal gender status have been] up to the whims of the judge, and in a traditionally Catholic society like the Phillipines, there have been plenty who have been disappointed.
- Dr. Sam Winter
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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• How many transsexuals are there?
• The movie Chicago, cynical values and the Bush presidency
• Howard Dean on transgender inclusion
• On non-op transsexuals marching through Trinidad
17:45 Question of the Week
How do you know when your transition is over?
(from: Dee)
22:11 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
37:04 The Transgender ASIA Research Centre brings together psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, medical and legal experts with an interest in studying transgenderism. The center is directed by our guest, Dr. Sam Winter, an Associate Professor in the division of Learning, Development and Diversity at the University of Hong Kong. He talks with us about the center, his research, and the current state of transgenderism in Asia.
More information:
• Visit the Transgender Asia website
65:15 Special Message
66:05 Boston area (and national) announcements
71:00 When it comes to gender and racial privilege, white men are at the top of the heap. Those white men with a healthy interest in the well-being of others are concerned with issues of racism. Harry Brod, a professor and pioneer in men�s studies, and co-author of a book called "White Men Challenging Racism: 35 Personal Stories" joins us to talk about this look at what some white men are doing about racism.

Brod’s other books include "The Making of Masculinities: The New Men’s Studies", "A Mensch Among Men: Explorations in Jewish Masculinity", and "The Making of Masculinities, Theorizing Masculinities".

For More Information:
• Visit the author’s website at
• Harry Brod’s previous interview on GenderTalk on August 5, 2002

90:01 End
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