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Nancy, Gordene, Ethan & Karen discuss genital size and surgery, trans peer pressure, marriage, immigration and much more

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00:00 Introduction
  • The perils of driving
  • Karen to become a 'St. Pierre'
  • Breakfasts
  • Trans marriage issues - license, names, sex, etc.
  • Ethan's facial hair
  • Appearances and gender messages
  • Movie: "Cry Freedom" - must-see activist viewing
20:49 Questions of the Week

"My wife and I have been considering the idea of gender role reversal. She is a very good business woman and I am more passive and enjoy cooking and can get used to cleaning, etc. Ideally, she would like me to assume the role of a traditional, female homemaker. Have your heard from other couples in such an arrangement? Do you have advice?"
(From: Sylvia)

30:33 Currents with Karen & Ethan
  • Feds to require standardized state identification
  • Gay male poodles?
  • Texas trooper suspended for censuring gay kiss
  • Soldiers imprisoned for improvising
  • Smell coming to internet?
  • Louisville rejects anti-gay campaign
46:13 Shine On
by Louey Moss, from the album "Broken"
50:39 My Ex-Boyfriend
by Chuck Prentiss
54:03 Undaunted by the absence of our planned guest, Nancy, Gordene, Ethan & Karen engage in a wide-ranging conversation, launching off of current events to talk about things like our cultural focus on genital size and how that affects surgical practice, how the recent changes in national security focus are affecting at least one trans marriage, the surprising crux of Nancy's hockey dream, how intersexual marriages could prove pivotal in the current debate on same-sex marriage, and much more.
  • Thailand "sex-change surgery" to be shown online
  • Genital size and surgery
  • Surgery and sensation
  • Peer pressure towards surgery
64:25 Special Message
65:16 Conversation with Nancy, Gordene, Ethan & Karen continues
  • Trans immigration and marriage issues
  • Identity issues: Lesbian vs. "Transbian"
  • Nancy's hockey dream
  • Susan Vreeland's writing
  • North American indigenous northwest culture
  • Totem poles and anthropological theft
  • Biodegradable cell phones to grow flowers?
  • Intesexual marriages
  • Feminine men
87:56 End

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