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Jennifer Abod, award winning feminist media producer, on her latest video production, "Look Us In The Eye: The Old Women's Project"

Chris Abani, award winning author, professor and poet who was imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death for his writing, on his poetry and writing

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00:00 Introduction
  • Next week: final GenderTalk
  • Bad news from Susie and Jackie
  • Ranching women
13:33 Clown graphic Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • Automated speed watchers
  • Transportation security OKs personal lube
  • Columbia: ant exports down (and insect delicacies)
  • SD man sentenced for chopper chasing deer
  • Walpole, MA: septic pump-out parties
  • MO marijuana religious story goes unsold
  • Beijing: man bites panda
  • Thailand: coup soldiers ordered to smile
  • San Diego: bank robber bungles getaway
  • Madrid: first-ever ban on overly thin models
  • SC: Man busted for driving with porn
  • Russia: workers ordered to follow nature's course
28:10 The Bird With the Word Raving Raven
34:22 Gender News
  • Latvian parliament bans gay employment discrimination
  • Study finds women, minorities hurt by media consolidation
  • Center for Disease Control recommends HIV test for everyone
  • FL: killer of trans woman gets life in prison
  • 3 men to be sentenced for gay pride beating
  • Study reports women denied science jobs in academia
  • Alaska: state high court rules same-sex benifits too narrow
46:30 Question of the Week

"How, as a totally-non-out teenager in high school, does one begin a physical and social transition to another gender? Are there any special age-related concerns, or problems that I should expect to face with the school administration? How might my transition vary from the transitions of adults?"
(From: Adam)

56:19 Jon Kimbell, Artistic Director and Executive Producer for the North Shore Music Theatre, on their production of "Jesus Christ Superstar", and on their GLBT evenings.

North Shore Music Theatre:

66:28 Jennifer Abod, award winning feminist media producer, on her most recent video production, "Look Us in the Eye: The Old Women's Project". A former radio host and producer, her first feature video "The Edge of Each Other's Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde" was released in 2002.

Look Us in the Eye: The Old Women's Project

93:18 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest (add your events here)
99:11 Nigerian novelist, poet and jazz musician Chris Abani, an award winning author and professor, who was imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death for his literary activities. After fleeing Nigeria he continuted to write poetry and fiction. "Hands Washing Water" is his 4th poetry collection, a book of subversive humor, exile and ancestry that expands beyond personal history to envision a greater compassion. "If there is nothing at risk," Albani once said in an interview "It cannot be art." [not working at program posting time]

Buy Hands Washing Water at [benefits GenderTalk]

118:56 End
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