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Amy Goodman, award-winning journalist and host of "Democracy Now!", on violence, money, oil, politics and the media

Anjelica Kieltyka, a transwomen who befriended J. Michael Bailey, on this man and his methods, and some of the forces that brought his voice to national prominence

"I call it 'trickle-up journalism'"
- Amy Goodman

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00:00 Introduction
  • Army helicopters disrupt paddle boaters
  • Movie: "Soldier's Girl"
  • Pro same-sex marriage demonstration on tax day
  • Visiting with trans pioneers Linda & Cynthia Phillips
  • Closeted Republican crossdressers
  • New book on Virginia Prince by Dr. Richard Docter
16:34 Question of the Week

"Do you folks have transcripts of shows available for purchase or on-line? I didn't see this available on the Web site. I don't a have a computer powerful enough to run Real Networks to listen to the show live or download a file to listen off-line, but I'd like to hear what some of the guest say. I also live in the Pacific Northwest, so by radio is out of the question. "
(From: Scott)

19:36 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • "I Am My Own Wife" wins Pulitzer Prize
  • S. Dakota politician to become first to transition while in office
  • Candidate for Texas house 'outed' as crossdresser
  • Rev. Mel White apposes anti-gay violence in Ohio
  • Japanese restaurant in China serves sushi on naked women
  • Thieves steal truckload of "Billy Bob teeth"
31:51 While our news media, under corporate contorl, spins, whitewashes and propagandizes the daily news to the benefit of its wealthy owners, a few bright lights shine forth, brilliantly illuminating areas our misleaders would rather see kept invisible. Arguably the most prominent alternative journalist of our day, Amy Goodman tells the story of her witnessing massacre in East Timor, NPR's failing the antiwar movement, her accompanying Jean-Betrand Aristide on his return to the western hemisphere, and much more.

Amy Goodman is an Internationally acclaimed, award-winning journalist, co-host of the the national radio and TV show Democracy NOW!, the largest public media collaboration in North America. As some have observed, Democracy Now! is not just a show, it is a movement. She is also co-author, with her brother David Goodman, of the just-released book "The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them".

For more information:

65:34 Boston area (and national) announcements compiled by Ethan St. Pierre
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70:43 We've talked all about J. Michael Bailey's published exercise in transphobia, but until now, we haven't gotten close to the source of his misjudgements. Now we talk with one of the transwomen who worked closely with him as he undertook his "research". Anjelica Kieltyka, artist, activist and self-proclaimed whistle blower, talks about the betrayal of trust that came about with his publication.

Anjelica consulted with Bailey, author of "The Man who Would be Queen: the Psychology of Genderbending and Transsexualism" for over a decade. She has spoken out against his book and his unethical behavior, and she inspired the Southern Poverty Law Center's research that found links between Bailey and dangerous Right Wing groups.

Other discussions of Bailey's book:

  • Read the Southern Poverty Law Center's article on Bailey et al, titled "Queer Science"
  • Jim Marks of Lamda Literary Foundation on their withdrawal from nomination of Bailey's book, on March 15, 2004, Program #452
  • Kate Bornstein & Gail Leondar-Wright on Lambda's nomination of Bailey's book, on March 1, 2004, Program #450
  • Jim Marks on community response to Lambda's nomination of Bailey's book, on February 9, 2004, Program #447
  • Academic and biologist Joan Roughgarden talks about Bailey's book (among other things), on June 16, 2003, Program #414
  • Trans Activist Andrea James talks about Bailey's book, on June 9, 2003, Program #413
  • Read about the book and efforts to combat its stigmatizing message at Lynn Conway's site
90:17 End

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