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Live at True Colors:

Nancy & Gordene host an exciting GenderTalk Live! in front of an enthusiastic audience at the True Colors Conference, a gathering in Central Connecticut for and about LGBT youth. Guests include Homo No Mo's Peterson Toscano, a variety of youth participants, the return of Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News, and much more.

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00:00 Introduction
  • Breaking news: Senator Kennedy, transgender people, and Hate Crimes legislation
07:28 Robin McHaelen, executive director and founder of the True Colors Conference, talks with us about its founding and purpose.
From their website: "True Colors, Inc. Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that combats homophobia, gender bias, and racism. We provide support, education, and advocacy to those responsible for the health, education, and well-being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Youth and Families."
15:45 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
... in which Hal brings the TNN back to GenderTalk, but not without some difficulty.
21:53 A young gay man attending the conference tells a hopeful story of his relationship with his dad around coming out about being gay.
26:51 Peterson Toscano, writer and performance artist, talks with us about his personal experience with the ex-gay movement. As he writes on his website, "I created a theater piece with a cast of characters through whom I unveil the bizarre world of the Homo No Mo Halfway House." He adds, "Gay reparative therapy is stupid and very sad. Any time someone denies their true identity and is aided in creating a false one, this is a tragedy."

Peterson studied Theater and English Literature at City College of NY after which he worked as a teacher and the director of education at CASES, a NYC alternative program for youth offenders. In 1995 he moved to England then Zambia to work in radio production for a Christian mission. Because of the conflict between his Christian faith and his homosexual desires, Peterson left the mission field and moved to the Love in Action ex-gay program in Memphis, TN.

32:47 Homo No Mo Halfway House, opening scene excerpt
by Peterson Toscano
36:42 Identity Monologue
by Peterson Toscano
39:24 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News ... concluding his presentation after a long interlude.
45:42 Barbara Curry, a trans woman, talks about her True Colors presentation "I'm Beautiful, Dammit", about positive self-conceptions for trans and all persons. Barbara, with her spouse Susan, runs the popular Follies at IFGE and Fantasia Fair gatherings.
51:14 Spencer, trans youth, talks about her experience as trans and the mentoring program that has been helpful to her.
61:05 We are joined by plaintiffs in the ongoing suit against the State of Connecticut on behalf of same-sex marriage, Janet Peck and Carol Conklin. We talked about the effort towards family fairness in Connecticut, and what it means to couples like Janet and Carol.
71:26 Jude Russell, trans woman and youth mentor, talks about the True Colors mentoring program in cooardination with the State of Connecticut, a joint effort titled "The Safe Harbor Project".
73:08 Komora, mentoring program coordinator, joins with Jude to talk about the benefits of mentoring.
80:26 Mailynn (sp?), a woman who is attracted to and seeks partnership with FTM persons, talks with us about her efforts to help her FTM friends and her frustrations in Connecticut.
90:21 Evelien's Diary, entry 35: "Enjoy"

Evelien's website:

95:55 Gender News
  • Cincinatti protects GLBT persons against discrimination
  • Suffolk University (Boston) extends health coverage to trans students
  • Pew poll reveals gay marriage opposition declining
  • SD: Oglala President incensed by abortion ban declares intent to host abortion clinic
  • AP style guide removes references to transgender surgical status
  • Amnesty International issues report on USA police abuse of GLBT persons
102:44 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest (add your events here)
106:52 Raving Raven
  • Annual seal hunt in Canada
  • Bear wrestling
  • US military planning to control sharks by brain implant
  • Man sentenced for shooting dog
110:49 Allison Heenie, host of "Rebel Girl Radio" at, talks with us about her program.
114:58 Conference attendee Milo says 'Hi' to hir mom, a GenderTalk listener
116:12 Donna Shubrooks, a nurse and the mother of a transgender son, is a PFLAG member and regular True Colors presenter. She talks about how her transgender son, who came out at 14 as a lesbian, pushed Donna into Queer activism.
126:38 End
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