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Christine Jorgenson Reveals, an interview by Nipsy Russell recorded on November 26, 1957, billed as "An intimate glimpse into the personal life of the worlds most sensational celebrity"

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00:00 Introduction
  • Missing Gordene!
  • Ethan & Karen's Washington trip on behalf of NTAC
  • Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman
  • Honoring Memorial Day
  • Business card miscue
  • "Foxperts"
  • Danica Patrick and women drivers
10:43 Memorial Day
by Hal Fuller
15:27 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • "Ecstasy" drug causes depression
  • Humane society director buys vicodin "for dog"
  • Ontario government funds squirrel sex drive study
  • Mortuary delivery van delivers pizzas
  • Mountaineering society seeks action against naked sherpa
  • Bomb parts in potatos close french fries factory
  • New dinosaur species named after Harry Potter characters
  • Madonna crucifies self onstage
27:32 Gender News
  • Log Cabin Republicans director becomes Gill funding director
  • Charlotte, NC doctor sued for outing HIV status of patient
  • Support for individual use of deadly force grows
  • MA: Trans woman files suit alleging mistreatment by state police
  • Sentencing for 4th teen in Araujo slaying delayed
  • Anti-Hurricane Carter biased websites
  • Woman waiting in line assaulted after questioning sex
  • Carlisle, PA mayor will ask for GLBT protections
  • Spain grants transsexuals identity change without surgery
  • "Screaming Queens" wins Emmy, to air on PBS in June
  • "Gwen Araujo Story" to air on Lifetime on June 19
46:15 Question of the Week

"How do I figure out what I am? I didn't 'know from a very early age' that I was a girl, like I've heard countless transwomen say. I was a boy and I had friends who were boys and together we wore boy clothes and played rough games. But I was also sad when in first grade the girls didn't let me jump skipping ropes with them or teach me any clapping games and when I hear my present friends, whom I've come out to as trans, refer to me by female pronouns, I feel so warm and think that that's where I must belong. I know you can't tell me what I am, but can you tell me how I can find out for myself?"
(From: Anonymous)

54:35 Evelien's Diary, entry 40: "First Time Out"

Evelien's website:

61:05 This week we present a historic interview with one of the most widely-known transgender pioneers. Christine Jorgensen Reveals, an interview by Nipsy Russell recorded on November 26, 1957, was at the time billed as "An intimate glimpse into the personal life of the worlds most sensational celebrity". Today, it stands as testimony to the grace, wisdom and honesty of this brave woman who became a beacon of hope for countless others.

This recording was available from the CD reissue company Repeat The Beat Records. Special thanks to Christine for making it available to GenderTalk and our listeners.

Listen to the GenderTalk interview with Bradford Louryk

87:07 The GenderTalk Calendar
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90:20 Christine Jorgenson Reveals concludes.
117:40 End
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