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GenderTalk Radio Farewell:

Nancy & Gordene host a special farewell program with clips from past programs and call- and walk-ins by former guests and listeners

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00:00 Introduction
We are joined in studio by Alicia Goranson, whose voice is heard throughout the show
  • Dana Beyer's bid falls short
  • Congress grants Bush authority over our freedoms
  • "Berlin Wall" to be re-constructed - on US-Mexico border
  • Fallacy in "War with Terrorists"
11:29 Clown graphic Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • Progress in American Education
  • Woman values proof of virginity
14:00 Evelien Snel from the Netherlands notes that our server is down and wishes us well; Nancy explains (again) why production of the show is ending.
19:09 TG Spirit from Colorado says she's working towards doing a show with Susan Moses
22:40 Speech iconAudio clip: Intro to the first Twisted, Nasty News from June, 1995
by Hal Fuller
24:56 Speech iconAudio clip: Intro to GenderTalk #1
by Nancy Nangeroni
26:04 Marcia Diehl thanks the GenderTalk crew for their contributions (Marcia guest-co-hosted programs #186, #188, & #228, and was interviewed on #165
28:12 Stasha Goliaszewski from Trans Philly Radio expresses her appreciation. She specializes in workplace issues, and you can email her at [GenderTalk interview: #554]
31:02 Speech iconAudio clip: Nancy's statement of purpose from the first GenderTalk in June, 1995
34:33 WMBR's Chuck Rossina joins us in-studio, talking about freedom and radical gender. A fixture in the Boston area alt-pol scene, Chuck hosted politically progressive "No Censorship Radio" on WMBR for 12 years, now co-hosts a music show on WMFO. [Chuck appears on GenderTalk programs #381 & #308, among others]
37:24 Alejandro Marcel joins us in-studio, talks about his reaction on hearing the first GenderTalk in June 1995. [GenderTalk interviews: #180, #225, #319, #384, #385, #397, #453, #455, #458, #493, #518]
41:24 Cynthia & Linda Phillips, pioneering organizers of the Texas T Party, call in from Texas
[GenderTalk interviews: #139, #214, #245, #330, #421 ]
45:01 Poem iconA poem for Nancy
by Hal Fuller
46:22 Alishia Oulette, fire fighter and local trans activist, joins us in-studio.
[GenderTalk interview: #548]
49:00 The Bird With the Word Raving Raven
  • How Raven got hir start
    [Raven's first GenderTalk: #516]
52:55 Speech iconAudio clip: Gordene's first appearance on GenderTalk
54:43 Caller John from Jamaica Plain asks about a naturist trans exclusion incident.
61:55 Richard Juang speaks of the public visibility of gender identity
[GenderTalk interview: #573]
66:03 Speech iconAudio clip: Gordene is introduced in her first program as a member of the GenderTalk staff
67:24 Speech iconAudio clip: Further introduction of Gordene on GenderTalk
69:56 Gender News
  • GLAD wins right for RI same-sex couples to wed in Massachusetts
  • New TV Program to chronicle fictional transsexual sportswriter
  • Lily McBeth, TS teacher, rehired without outcry
74:01 WMBR's Folk Music Director Bruce Sylvester pays his respects; Bruce currently hosts the American roots music program Troubadour at
76:17 Rebecca Juro, host of the Becky Juro Show, joins us by phone to talk about how GenderTalk inspired her to do radio. [GenderTalk interview: #549]
79:08 Robin Goldstein, GenderTalk's first guest and now host of Schnauzer Logic radio, reminisces with us. [GenderTalk interviews: #225, #550]
80:10 Speech iconAudio clip: Robin Goldstein on the first GenderTalk in June, 1998
86:30 Evelien Snel Evelien's Diary, entry 49: "Goodbye"

Evelien's website:
Evelien's Diary Archive

90:45 Ethan St. Pierre, founder of, talks with us about a tribute to GenderTalk he and other TransFM producers are planning for Halloween.
96:26 Listener Brenna chats with Raven, and shares about being isolated from other transpersons, with GenderTalk as a lifeline.
100:39 Nancy & Gordene read a few brief comments from emails.
101:43 Question of the Week

"I know reliable statistics are rare in our community, but I wonder what you know about long-term relationship outcomes among transsexual people. I've heard that among post-operative trans women, a handful find cis-gender life partners, a small percentage stay with the life partner they had before transition, about half wind up with each other as life partners, and the other half wind up with no life partner at all. Do you know of any statistics about this subject? Or from your own observations? What about non-operative transsexual women? I think the dynamic may be different because SRS can be the "last straw" that breaks up a relationship. And what about transsexual men?"
(From: Lannie)

110:11 Nancy & Gordene receive a card signed by the evening's visitors, and then bid listeners farewell... for now.
115:28 Ray from South Boston talks with us about being a crossdresser who served 13 turns in Vietnam, and how he mourns his lost alter ego.
118:00 End

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